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Snorkelling Loch Kinord 26th and 28th February

I have had a chance to get a couple of days of snorkelling in at Loch Kinord. There is more diving fieldwork to come over the next week, but I thought I would share a few photos that have come up. 73 more words


The Drumclay Bird Headed Comb

Here Dr Nóra Bermingham discusses the significance of The Drumclay Bird Headed Comb. The comb is one of our objects dating to the Early Christian Period. 468 more words

The Fermanagh 100

The Meaning Behind a Green Velvet Suit (Crannog Part 2)

My revisions to the original part 2 post from earlier this week. Sorry to inundate you all with this story, but I do feel I’m onto something and I’m excited by it. 791 more words


Photosynthesis (Crannog, Part 2)

He waited for an hour.

Skulking in the bushes outside my own house, I watched my Uncle Jarlath through a window. We were both waiting; I was waiting for him to leave. 790 more words


The Presentation (Crannog, Part 1)

I watched as the vapor of my breath hovered and grew heavy, forming into droplets before my eyes. They slowly spun and changed color—pine green, then goldenrod, then cerulean. 671 more words


Day 10: Crannogs!

Today I made a crannog, the centre piece of our beach scene. Our island had a civilization on it, before a disaster destroyed them, think lost city of Atlantis, type of thing. 37 more words


Midge attack at Loch Leathan

As you’ll know from watching Springwatch and reading national press we in the West of Scotland are under attack from midges. Last night’s swim at Loch Leathan saw the swimmers setting record times for getting changed and into the water, dashing in half zipped up, the air black with midges and blue with oaths uttered under severe provocation.   141 more words

Cold Water Swimming