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Gambling Wages

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Gambling wages

Praying for triple sevens

The house always wins


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


What's Skill Got To Do With It?

I confess, I am at least 20 years older than the oldest “millennial.” I’ve experimented with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but find them too intrusive on my privacy. 76 more words

Card Counting

Life's Like Craps, but it Needn't Be Crap: Plutarch and Plato

Plutarch, De Tranquilitate Animi 467b

“Plato likened life to a dice-game in which we need both to throw what is advantageous and to use the dice well after we’ve thrown them. 169 more words


Exploiting Loss Rebates in Craps

Just after my book Advanced Advantage Play came out, a highly regarded AP asked me why I didn’t include loss rebates against craps in it (I do cover exploiting loss rebates against baccarat, blackjack and roulette). 789 more words

Table Games

Jesse James (as in gambling)

Perhaps you’re at a casino or watching a movie about players in a casino, and they’re playing a game of craps.  When someone rolls a four and a five, others call it a… 695 more words

Idioms From The 20th Century

House Edge in Craps Is The Finest Aspect

If you play online casino sites it is all about betting real money. You would observer that so much money is getting in and out of player’s hands and in the casino. 116 more words

Board Games

Playing craps for the first time

Everyone knows craps has the best odds at the casino.   I’ve never played before.  So it’s best to start at the machine instead of the table… Lower bets and there is help info available.   87 more words