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How To Gamble And Win

If you want to be a winning gambler, play against someone dumber than you.

As it goes, that is one of only two ways to almost guarantee you will come out ahead in games of chance.  472 more words


An Excellent READ

OR8R tries not to link to too many NYT articles, but they’re just so great at what they do. This story is a great example of immersive, “live-in” journalism. Enjoy!


Final Casino Results

Started with $500, end at $83.  $150 lost on a table game I should not have played.  About $100 to dealer tips (but that is part of playing) and another $70 in tips throughout the ship and $10 as gifts to other members of our party. 9 more words


What Kind Of Guy That I Actually Fancy?

One of those guys? Via Morguefile

Lots of people asked me that question, even my best friend did every time. They said it’s because my relationship mostly not worked and instead being dumped like most of the girl around me, I am the one who dumped them. 827 more words


Blackjack Is NOT A Team Sport

This post is in response to all those whining blackjack players who play at low limit tables and complain about players moves.  Where else are beginning or recreational gamblers supposed to play?   468 more words

Gambling Myths