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Childhood Christmas Revisited

So i’m one day into being 40. Fuck I’m old. lol. I was thinking earlier while STILL sitting here watching A Christmas Story over and over and….well….So yeah I was thinking about what it was like when i was around 7 or 8. 1,399 more words


So This is Christmas....

Another year and another holiday has come nearly to an end. It seems as though the year was long and horrendous yet the holidays were very short and not sweet. 1,429 more words


I'm not a little teapot

Ever been forced to go on a vacation so mind numbingly bad, that you began to question your sanity. “How did it come to this? Why am I here? 58 more words

Places for hipsters

Hipsters: found in every fashionable corner of the globe. Quasi-intellectual expression of nerdish individuality, that begs the question; are you a Web-designer or Homeless?

While, many claim to be the ‘original’ individual, there appears to be a concentrated cluster of such individuals located in the icy lands of Scandinavia. 58 more words


Flights of fancy

This is not Condenaste, some trips go better than others, quite spectacular in some respect. However, all things balanced there are some noteworthy, ‘craptastic… 60 more words

Hola. Hello. Hi. Konnichiwa. Aloha. Hej....

so yeah its just me. I’m alive and here is a recent with my Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat.


Quick Update & Dream Jobs

Its been a crazy trip on this last leg of PWT and I’ve tried to take my god daughter to see as much as possible. I realized a few things about myself recently. 863 more words