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Hola. Hello. Hi. Konnichiwa. Aloha. Hej....

so yeah its just me. I’m alive and here is a recent with my Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat.


Quick Update & Dream Jobs

Its been a crazy trip on this last leg of PWT and I’ve tried to take my god daughter to see as much as possible. I realized a few things about myself recently. 863 more words


Everything keeps falling apart....

The past 2 years have been rough. They’ve both have had a few bright spots, but on the whole they’ve been downright shitty. I have my health at least (watch this jinx that now). 333 more words


IRS Tax System: One Big Scam

For years even before many of us were born Americans have had to pay taxes out of their paychecks to the govt. So I was reading comments from people online who are STILL having issues getting their money. 446 more words


A doozy of a week...

I have been absent for the past week. I haven’t actually been absent as I’ve been reading, liking and commenting but I have not posted. I had planned on it but last week was a bit of a doozy. 646 more words


The '80s Pin Project: So Much Sexy

For an explanation of the 1980s Pin Project, go here.

Oh, the crosses one must bear.

Today’s random-pick-a-pin-out-of-the-box generator bemoans the difficulties of trying to cart around a burdensome amount of sexy. 340 more words

I Believe...

Life is driving me completely crackers right now.