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5 Reasons Monsanto Is Crashing And Burning

It’s hard to believe that the once almighty Monsanto is on its knees. But their dirty deeds seem to have finally caught up with them. Monsanto shares have already dropped 27 percent this year and they just posted fourth quarter losses wider than estimates.They also announced cost-saving measures to counter their plunge; deep cuts to their workforce and exiting the sugarcane business… 458 more words

The International Reporter


iPhone screen flickers

My OS screams: freeze!

Smart phone? What a tease.

Writing 201 Poetry Day 1: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration (1st assignment)


Flying High

There’s always that risk
of flying so high
that the eventual fall
will break you.
But I couldn’t stop myself
from soaring to new
incredible heights. 25 more words


Fix Alien Breed random game crashing

I’ve had Alien Breed trilogy in my Steam library for a very long time and have finally decided to give it a spin. It’s actually pretty interesting game that got a bit ruined by what seems like random crashing. 158 more words

Resolving Problems

Hilarious Head Smack Knock Out Fail!

I watched this 3 times in a row! It’s hilarious!! This is a great example of what NOT to do… in a fire explosion where you’re running into sheds..


I need a hero

I’ve got to make a stand,
But I am just one person.

I can’t do it on my own.
I thought I could handle it all. 118 more words