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Bloody Knees

There are many telltale signs of a cyclist. Shaved legs. Early bedtimes. Tight clothes. Rampant caffeine addictions. Razor sharp tan lines. Hats with inadequate brims. Empty bank accounts. 285 more words


Retail Sales Are Crashing – Housing Sales Are Next

From Investment Research Dynamics

Flippers are getting stuck with houses they can’t flip for a profit. Hedge funds have stopped buying and have begun selling. Anyone dumb enough to have been lured into this market in the last few years will be underwater in no time. 519 more words


In Stillness

At the still point
Everything is falling together

This moment floating
In the ethereal

Dark matter coalescing
Around selfish thoughts

Doves lift your burden
Bringing a lightness of being… 21 more words


Get Knocked Down, Get Up Again

A few weeks ago I joined the local bike club on a mountain bike ride and discovered there are three parks with ride-able trails only a few miles from my house. 599 more words



That wall is not going to come crashing down on us.