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Lord Snark --- GOT ep 4.5 "First of His Name"

Some random thoughts about the GOT episode “The First of His Name”

— Arya & The Hound is my favorite comedy in Westeros
— Apparently, Podrick slept his way through Squire School… 75 more words

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode Five

So Tommen is officially made King. I did find it touching to see Cersei and Margery admit that Tommen could be a good King. And he could, let’s face it. 470 more words

Game of Thrones: "Oathkeeper"

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When you play the Games of Thrones… you get raped, apparently. Even if, like the women left at Craster’s Keep, you don’t know you’re part of a larger game, and this is now just your horrific life, waiting to get violated to death. 719 more words


The Oathkeeper: GOT Season 4 Episode 4

*Spoiler Alert*

Possibly one of the most interesting episodes of this season so far and we’re talking about a season where four episodes in we have witnessed the death of a major antagonist and a controversial incestuous rape scene between the Lannister twins. 1,342 more words


In Defense of Craster (Well Now I've Gone Too Far)

Relax Larry. I’m not literally defending tempestuous incestuous polygynist child sacrificing wildling playboy Craster. But his relationship with the Night’s Watch has some interesting implications. 1,862 more words


VIDEO: Destinations of Season 2

This video gives you the scope of how much effort the production company has made to bring this world to life.  Do you think they’re doing a good job or what?! 13 more words

Game Of Thrones