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These Custom Couches Are a Much Cooler Alternative to West Elm

When Nidhi Kapur went furniture shopping after moving into her first adult home with her husband, she was frustrated. She wasn’t sure why the big chain stores didn’t have anything she wanted in her price range. 907 more words

Home Design

Champagne Cinnamon Waffles

For fun, my family decided to do a $10 limit grab bag on Christmas Eve. I found this great mini waffle maker by Dash for only $9.99 at  356 more words

The Fur Pillow

The fur pillow adds a touch of glam to your decor. The home furnishings stores that I visit are all featuring fur pillows as a cool accent to cozy up your home. 8 more words


Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide

I’m kind of a snob when it comes to gift wrap. I will spend an (almost) unreasonable amount of money on nice quality gift wrap to make my presents look pretty. 664 more words


Kitchen Gadgets

Today is Thanksgiving in the grand land of overconsumption also known as America. I’m preparing to make one of the biggest meals of the year including a turkey which scares the bejesus out of me. 140 more words


When we all become a market place, it is up to your supply chain network protect the brand

In a recent article, Crate & Barrel, announced that it would start selling other brands on their website. Click here for article. This is not a new concept. 614 more words

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What's in a Font

Should a trademark registration be in a particular font? Usually, you should register a trademark in no particular font because it provides broader rights and will live on even if you change the font later, but some fonts are so tightly tied to a trademark that a registration in a particular font makes sense. 207 more words