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Mediterranean Salad

I know a lot of people are interest in eating healthy nowdays, having control in your diet makes your body in control and that will be able to manage your spirits better! 262 more words

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Metasyons ft. W. Draztik - Crack Musik (Produced by Crate Digga & Video Directed by Aaron Biggs and Josef Petrous)

Tell you a truth, this beat was inspired by song called “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Gangsta Too?” by Hell Rell.  I mean when i was trying to come up with whole beat, i was specifically producing beat for Meta, not like just making some beats and hopefully somebody gonna picking up one day kind of shit.  116 more words

United States Of Mind

Before we gonna get into "Unemployment", let's take it back to "Eviction Notice" for one more time!

1. Eviction Notice

2. Bang out

3. Ignorance

4. Greek Shit (Feat. and Prod. by  anonyous greek rapper)

5. Sidewalk Speech

6. For You (Feat. D. 210 more words

United States Of Mind

Metasyons "Blackman" produced by Crate Digga

Metasyons is back! Thank the eviction notice for that. The “Unemployment” LP is unearthed. Metasyons the USM anchor MC weighty enough to crack sediment is smashing these rappers down to atomic particles this August….Watch for that fallout! 129 more words

United States Of Mind

Doc Waffles "Ginger Ale Jenny" produced by Crate Digga

I remember Jenny from back in the day when Doc Waffles was working at bookstore in Ferndale.  That’s right Waffles doesn’t bullsh#t when it comes to his lyrics, real stories with real rhymes, he delicates this song to Jenny who really once existed in his life.  63 more words

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Plastic Bottled Water Is Better.

I decided to by Boxed Water today, just for the curiosity. Tastes good like Smartwater, doesn’t taste anything just like regular water, what makes Boxed Water Is Better isn’t better than plastic bottled water is packaging. 60 more words

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