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Does Make me Wonder

I know tomorrow the world will be full of posts about the Super Bowl, the commercials and lady Gaga. I am happy to say I didn’t watch a play of the game. 965 more words


Music in the Forest

Was walking around a crater created lake called Yeak Laom in northeastern Cambodia near the town of Ban Lung. These men are members of an indigenous group called Tampoun.  19 more words

Jeff Holte

557 Extracted Words - The Tease - January 2017

January 2017

I write flash fiction, non-fiction, essays and novels. This month’s Tease is from a novel in progress.

As they approached the sleek Swedish-made supercar, she wondered if she still had time to bail, just run, truck on out, get on her Ducati and scorch the canyon road. 552 more words


Spring 2016 Road Trip – Day 10 – Crater Lake National Park

A big day today – visiting Crater Lake National Park. The park was about an hour drive north of Klamath Falls, virtually car free, so we were there in no time. 1,136 more words


Mt. Pinatubo: Nature's Beautiful Disaster

What   : Mt. Pinatubo Trek (daytour joiner through a tour organizer)

When   : Sunday (12MN – 11PM), January 22, 2017

Who    : Nath (my favorite sister) and Len (my post-college friend as she endearingly terms it)     2,073 more words


Crater Lake

This was the final destination for our trip before heading back down to Cali. We would’ve gone further up and I would’ve loved to stop by Portland just to see my buddy, Pedro and his lovely fiance, Miss Ash,  but alas, a three day weekend wasn’t long enough for us. 130 more words