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#ClimateChange old drawing

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Revisiting some old folders I’ve found a 2008’s drawing I did on Climate Change. In 2008 the “Global Warming” was the trendy phrase more used to talk about these weather events, yet with time studies (multiple sources in the media and internet) let us know it’s more appropriated to talk about Climate Change, as the Climate will tend to be more extreme and with bursts of Siberian cold in some places and Desert heat in others.  183 more words


Let go...

In memoriam to these veterans & loyal friends, time to let you go… (please let’s pay respect and play trumpets and drums for them)


如果文具是糖果: My Kind of Candy






说起来,爸爸肯定是我收集文具癖好的罪魁祸首,只要成绩好就送书送文具毫不吝啬,但他总会要求我说出需要另一盒贴纸的理由。是的,书和文具是咱父女俩的感情推手。芭比娃娃对我完全没有杀伤力,反观文具能实实在在地握在手上更让我心动。翻书摸纸有说不出的安全感、好品质的信纸让我辗转难眠、那整套的Limited Edition橡皮擦完全俘虏我的心,是的,还有好多好多说不完的感情寄托故事。 亲爱的文具,你是我的糖果。

I’m a sweet tooth person, and stationery is my kind of candy.

It is a lifetime obsession. I’m still smitten by them and spending tons of money on them. 248 more words


On Colouring Books for Adults

So I had one of those days – you know the ones? Where you show up for that event which you’ve eagerly awaited only to learn that you’re a full 24 hours late? 176 more words


Process - Birthday present making of

(English below)
Mi ahijada venezolana está cumpliendo 15 años, en Venezuela es una fecha muy importante para cuanquier chica así que quise hacerle un regalito y quise dejar constancia del proceso. 84 more words


Crayon digital paper - Basic color crayon scrapbook backgrounds - 12 digital papers (#048) INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Crayon digital paper – Basic color crayon scrapbook backgrounds – 12 digital papers (#048) INSTANT DOWNLOAD by PrintFunFactory on Etsy: http://ift.tt/1hohgnz


Woolsey Place Fire

The sounds of sirens and horns filled the valley as first responders attended to a two-alarm fire in Manoa last week Wednesday. Thanks to a swift response, nobody was hurt and the fire was quickly contained. 106 more words