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Another one of those days that I already know the best part and I don’t have to wait until the end. No matter what else happens today, my second niece was born this morning and everyone is happy and healthy.


There was a sale on scrapbooking supplies. Clearly I stocked up a little, I had to. I didn’t take a picture but it is safe to say that I am set for a while on stickers and paper. 296 more words

How to Write a Book--3

How to write a book, without causing law suits, Holiday stand-offs or committing acts of Familial Treason might be a better title for this week’s post ;)  877 more words


PMS post on the In-laws

I should be censored. I should not even post when I am PMS-ing… A mental and physical muzzle for all conversations during this delicate psychotic period should be administered. 1,206 more words



I will totally admit that I am THAT relative that expects everyone to show up for each and every holiday function and damn it, everyone had best be happy or at least pretend to be happy or Crazy Aunt Mel comes out and hell hath no fury like family not getting along and being happy on a holiday!   502 more words


You Heard It, I Heard It. Aunties Hear It. 

You heard it. It doesn’t matter if it was in person, a phone call, at a party, if your mom told you, if they told you, if your cousin told you, you heard it. 166 more words



My brother called to tell me my sister in law is pregnant again (their second). I am going to be an aunt for the second time!