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You Heard It, I Heard It. Aunties Hear It. 

You heard it. It doesn’t matter if it was in person, a phone call, at a party, if your mom told you, if they told you, if your cousin told you, you heard it. 166 more words



My brother called to tell me my sister in law is pregnant again (their second). I am going to be an aunt for the second time!

Christmas Blessings in Little Packages

My day-to-day life is very different from my holiday life. My independent life morphs into a crumb-filled, noisy chaos of a multi-generational household. Instead of a wandering soul I am an auntie and spare mommy: 502 more words

Short Essay

Your Crazy Aunt

You have one.  You know you do.  That crazy aunt or grandma or second cousin who makes silly things and gives them to you for .   158 more words

In the South...

We don’t put our crazy aunts in the attic. We sit ‘em on the front porch and serve ‘em iced tea. That’s on t-shirts and plaques in gift shops all over the place. 353 more words