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Single Lady with Cats

And dolls. And books.

Are you looking for the exit yet?

I’m a walking cliche. I’m a 44-year-old childless woman caring for an elderly parent. I have two cats. 485 more words

2 Stupid Cats Psychology: Crazy Cat Ladies and Cat Men

Contrary to popular belief or stereotypes, I’ve witnessed more Men being fond of Cats than women and vice versa :) But stats and pop culture say otherwise so it makes you wonder how all this name calling came to be? 432 more words


A New Year has started and so did we...

So yeah, 2017 has crawled up on us – Holiday season is over, even though we still hold on to our faux Christmas tree and stuff ourselves with food like that New Years  resolutions never happened :) 399 more words


Black Atlantic Surfboards

Over the course of years of working in the Erie Surfboards camp, Adam Ribakoff decided to create and work on a label of his own. Taking the values of Erie Surfboards, which has always been about the customer receiving a high quality custom surfboard crafted for you as opposed to fitting your surfing to a mass produced board; Black Atlantic Surfboards was created and is growing with the same product line such as shortboards and even wakesurf boards. 145 more words