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The two week wait is our Hotel California

The whole thing about infertility that is crazy making boils down to uncertainty and lack of predictability. Every two-week wait (exactly as described in this link… 922 more words


Emotional Abuse – What Does It Look Like?

It’s hard to quantify emotional abuse to people who’ve never experienced it. The insidious, subtle way it washes over you rendering you dull and lifeless – the first sign is often “I used to be so fun, what’s happened to me?” If you’re asking yourself that question, and you genuinely have no idea how it happened, chances are you’ve been a victim of emotional abuse – you just don’t know it. 1,437 more words


The ever so nice Narcissist

This video gives one an inside look at how Narcissists act.

Video is courtesy of the Dr Jekyll YouTube channel

Dr Jekyll YouTube Channel

Was I or Wasn't I?

I have three distinct inner voices. Now, I know that sounds a bit weird if not out-right crazy, but hear me out.

Inner Voice #1 embodies logic, calculation, and perfectionism. 1,269 more words

Putting It Out There

I'm Rubber, You Are Glue

Remember back in grade school some smart ass kid that made your life hell and when you told him what you thought of him, he would sing, “I’m rubber and you are glue. 1,324 more words


Heart Felt

Either a year ago or a month or so ago or both, my heart rate accelerated in a near useless Arrhythmia (irregular) and speedy pulse, I have vague memories of a doc recently describing one of the chambers of my heart being a place where blood didn’t pump through so much as swish around. 1,892 more words

Daily Life

That Smirk, Those Eyes, Can Freeze The Blood In The Victim's Veins

At first you don’t know what it is exactly that makes you uncomfortable. My ex wore glasses, tinted usually; so you couldn’t really see his eyes and I thought he was extremely handsome as long as he kept his glasses on. 957 more words