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Journaling To Remain Sane

This is a recycled post from over a year ago but I feel it is well worth repeating, especially for those of you who haven’t yet left the relationship and you are suffering from self doubt and the narcissist has you confused and is telling you that you are crazy. 3,543 more words


The "Connection" That Keeps The Victim Hooked

I was reading comments on the Support Forum and several of the “victims” were discussing the telepathic connection they have with the narcissist, how they could “will” him to call, or how uncanny it was that he would call right as they were thinking about him. 1,331 more words

Lady Witha Truck

I Think I Am Almost Ready To Leave Him

Another comment from someone on my most recent post about leaving a narcissist after 19 years.

“Iv been with my N for two and a half years. 2,122 more words

Lady Witha Truck

Leaving The Narcissist After 19 Years - With No Where To Go

The blog received this comment the other day and I am going to reply through this post because I think there are many victims in this same position and it is hard to know what to do and it is a very real danger for many women. 2,437 more words


1) Questionable Sanity

They would tell you that it’s all a lie. I made it up, but THEY forgive ME because I’m obviously crazy and have serious issues. When I was a teenager, it was because I didn’t like to live with their rules. 1,072 more words

Today I learned the concept called Crazy Making.  This concept can be applied to setting up a blog using free templates in WordPress.  In addition to that we are advised that WordPress will continue to up-date their site on a regular basis which will affect how you execute activity’s in your blog randomly.   98 more words

Always Go Back To The Dashboard

Word Salad 101 or Gas Lighting

I happened upon this video while looking at videos of clouds; gotta love the internet! the places a person ends up sometimes!

Anyway, i am not nuts about these videos, with the computerized voices but I guess it is fitting seeing as the narcissist’s speech is all rehearsed and programed. 54 more words