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The Things He Says To Me

It’s been twenty-two years since I divorced my last husband. I thought as the years went by, I’d mellow . . . I’d forget . . 1,077 more words

Dealing With A Narcissist Is Not Child's Play

Many people compare dealing with a narcissist to dealing with a 3 year old and in many ways that is a totally accurate description.

Like a 3 year old the narcissist will stomp his feet and yell that he hates you for not giving him his way and an hour or so later he is back like nothing happened. 1,057 more words


Loving a Crazy Person can Make you do Crazy Things...

Part of the abuse cycle with a Narcissist (and other personality disorders as well) is the crazy-making or gaslighting. Through this tactic, the Narcissist distorts your reality so much that you end up jumping through hoops to give them what they want and achieve their approval. 2,111 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I am not Crazy

I’m not crazy, I’ve only been told all my life that even though I am the object of your desire I should be ashamed of myself. 604 more words

No One Is Safe From Ineptitude

Message on my phone last week:
Woman: Hi, this is so-and-so at Dr. Cardiologist’s office, calling to let you know we need to reschedule your appointment! 302 more words


Crazy Making

I look at myself and those I am close to and I see how we are drawn to actions, feelings, thoughts that are crazy making. Habitual patterns that drive us from motivations arising before consciousness, where the groves are so deep we can’t even see that we are lost in the canyons of our own making.   441 more words

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Why It Is So Hard To Leave The Psychopath

I read a really great article on Lovefraud today, I think many people can benefit from it. I wish it would have been explained to me this clearly waaaaaay back then

Here is the link.