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I'm Rubber, You Are Glue

Remember back in grade school some smart ass kid that made your life hell and when you told him what you thought of him, he would sing, “I’m rubber and you are glue. 1,324 more words


Heart Felt

Either a year ago or a month or so ago or both, my heart rate accelerated in a near useless Arrhythmia (irregular) and speedy pulse, I have vague memories of a doc recently describing one of the chambers of my heart being a place where blood didn’t pump through so much as swish around. 1,892 more words

Daily Life

That Smirk, Those Eyes, Can Freeze The Blood In The Victim's Veins

At first you don’t know what it is exactly that makes you uncomfortable. My ex wore glasses, tinted usually; so you couldn’t really see his eyes and I thought he was extremely handsome as long as he kept his glasses on. 957 more words


Integrating the anger

I had another interesting session today. I went in feeling very angry today; lots of anger bubbling under the surface with no place to go. It’s been a busy week and frustrating one too! 934 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Afternoons with Ann

Ann has become the person I trust the most. She’s the only person I trust. She doesn’t offer her opinion on how I’m choosing to deal with this mess that is my life. 1,532 more words


The Things He Says To Me

It’s been twenty-two years since I divorced my last husband. I thought as the years went by, I’d mellow . . . I’d forget . . 1,077 more words

Dealing With A Narcissist Is Not Child's Play

Many people compare dealing with a narcissist to dealing with a 3 year old and in many ways that is a totally accurate description.

Like a 3 year old the narcissist will stomp his feet and yell that he hates you for not giving him his way and an hour or so later he is back like nothing happened. 1,043 more words