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I was 5 or 6 years old.  I had a concussion.  And I knew who was responsible and it wasn’t me.

It happened like this: 1,136 more words

Crazy Making

The Seeker AKA Intrusive Thoughts Pt. 1

The recent revelations – that I am a victim of psychological abuse – has caused me to re-think everything about myself.  Not merely what I experienced, but even my behaviours.   839 more words

Crazy Making

What The Hell Were You Thinking

There was something that struck me right between the eyes while being interviewed by Eddie this week; when he asked me why I stayed or went back, the answer I gave sounded so feeble. 3,095 more words


Five More Ways Abusers and Their Enablers Make You Crazy

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1.Your family and/or partner’s family denies any abuse whatsoever even when shown evidence, and flagrantly ignores your pleas for help, often pretending what you said never happened or what you showed them never existed.  635 more words


Crazymaking- My mother says she didn't know

As some of you are aware, I finally wrote to my mother to ask about the abuse. I wanted to hear her side of the story. 780 more words


Signposts Pt. 1

My entire life, I have been drawn to certain things: accents, logos, places, smells… and not the way other people are.  There’s something more to it, something visceral, fundamental.   664 more words

Crazy Making

An Aha Moment About Covert Narcissism

I don’t have many epiphany’s or aha moments about narcissists any more. I have visited so many blogs, listened to so many stories and watched so many videos that I rarely come across something that makes me think, “OMG That was James!”: In the beginning everything I came across brought up that reaction. 2,756 more words

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