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Shell Shocked

I remember when I was  kid there was an old guy (probably he wasn’t that old, I was just really young and he was, well……… shell-shocked. 1,956 more words


Days 0745, 0746, 0747, 0748, 0749 & 0750

I’ve been struggling to put my thoughts together on the subject of ‘crazy making’ – that thing where someone makes you feel like you’re going mad by denying or questioning your reality. 361 more words

Who Is Confused About Garbage and Gifts? Can You Tell The Difference?

I had a comment on another post from someone asking if they were they only one who’s narcissist literally gave them garbage with such flair that the narcissist expected the receiver to be forever grateful for their generosity.   1,391 more words

Lady Witha Truck

Try Being An Observer In Your Own Life

Just for a while, a day even, or longer if you really want to learn something about yourself, remove yourself from the action and look at yourself as an observer instead of a participant in your life. 2,412 more words


I Hate My Body

Perhaps hate is too strong a word.  Hate implies a level of emotional commitment I don’t feel.  Hate applies a relationship I don’t really have.  But I’m not sure what else to call it. 840 more words

Crazy Making


I was 5 or 6 years old.  I had a concussion.  And I knew who was responsible and it wasn’t me.

It happened like this: 1,136 more words

Crazy Making

The Seeker AKA Intrusive Thoughts Pt. 1

The recent revelations – that I am a victim of psychological abuse – has caused me to re-think everything about myself.  Not merely what I experienced, but even my behaviours.   839 more words

Crazy Making