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Johnny might die....

And they pretend they are not living a lie
so he must die.
Amongst us he is
He appears and then it´s the bliss,
as of right now, his face is not in the show case… 49 more words


Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

I read an excellent article today on how the narcissist/psychopath will alienate the children from the victim. The psychopath knows that is the one way he/she can cause the deepest wounds and the most emotional devastation and it is almost impossible to prove if the psychopath is cunning enough and most of them are. 362 more words

Lady Witha Truck


I am so numb
From how you’ve used my heart as a pin cushion
Digging down and pushing in
Telling me your sewing
Promising your fixing… 380 more words

Original Poetry

Happy Narcissist Free Valentine's Day!

I understand right now you are far from “happy”, you are lonely, imagining him off with his new love, giving her everything you wanted and more and you are sitting home broken and miserable. 1,699 more words


The Narcissist Handbook

When I first started researching what happened to me I was constantly amazed at how similar everyone’s story was to my own. Here I had thought I was all alone and no one understood what I was going through then all of a sudden I was rereading posts of other people’s experiences because I thought I had somehow already commented or it was one of his ex’s. 790 more words


Valentine´s day, a tragic day actually.

By: Charly Priest

A Christian Saint named Valentinus
he did seem to drink quite a bit of vinous
in the days of the Romans, he performed to no man… 110 more words


Yet Another Narc

I’ve tried to pretend that this person is not a Narc, but the writing’s on the wall…

She is my friend. We have been friends for years. 1,047 more words