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I stare at the white wall
I hear the water droplets fall
I stare at the water droplets fall
I hear particles in the white wall… 42 more words


No Mercy

Out the house is the battle field
playing field of,
bunch of insanity
each to his own
tigers and sharks crawling around,
life, so damn good eating it like spicy food… 63 more words



It’s about time I post to He Wore Flannel. But I feel pretty behind. So much time has gone by, I don’t know where to start. 945 more words


The site(s) came back up, and I was able to work a little on that private blog whose template I’m playing with. And I am almost done with L.E. 17 more words

Creating Order

Johnny might die....

And they pretend they are not living a lie
so he must die.
Amongst us he is
He appears and then it´s the bliss,
as of right now, his face is not in the show case… 49 more words


Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

I read an excellent article today on how the narcissist/psychopath will alienate the children from the victim. The psychopath knows that is the one way he/she can cause the deepest wounds and the most emotional devastation and it is almost impossible to prove if the psychopath is cunning enough and most of them are. 362 more words

Lady Witha Truck