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In a world full of crazy ones, why don’t be just one of them?
Cause madness is part of everyone of us and still we don’t get it.


Forever in debt to my Priceless advice

Leaving the only way that i know…

Gently passing the memories of yesterday while Slowly climbing the hills of tomorrow

Your Perfect smile…Your perfect words…Your Priceless advice… 814 more words


Guess ill learn to evaluate, So much time to learn to take

its got a hold on me…

With My intentions I know i will never be Free….

Its kinda cold on me…

With my intentions i know i will never be me…. 159 more words

Poetry Porn

Ive seen Sleep a million times before.. but its never looked as Good as it does tonight

I have watched “her” sleep a million times before…

The silence of the room filling my ears like the beating Drum of a one man Marching Band… 646 more words

Poetry Porn

Here's to the Crazy Ones...

Hi friends!

I’ve had two of my closest friends quit their jobs over the past few weeks and that got me to thinking. I’ve always preached that you shouldn’t work for work’s sake. 645 more words

Living A Dream while wide awake... The priceless Award of The heart

Watching as the time Comes screaming down our throats….

Finding that everything is more perfected then we could have ever imagined…

Her Soft Skin Compliments The Very Thoughts that my mind effortlessly creates Words for with my lips.. 631 more words

Poetry Porn