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Working While Ukrainian

On my way back home in the Warsaw Central Railroad Station I went into a convenience store to buy a sandwich and coke for the train only to find some lady (mid to late 50s maybe early 60s) having a full blown public meltdown. 295 more words

2nd Amendment

I hate the idea of gun control. ┬áIt’s the god damn assholes pulling the trigger we have to control.

I assume everybody agrees that crazy people should not have military grade weapons… bombers, fighter jets, drones, tanks, artillery, machine guns or a high capacity, high-speed rifle that can kill 9 people in 30 seconds. 601 more words

Political Correctness

Justifying Child Abuse?

Today I heard an awful story about a woman who hurt a child in broad daylight in public.

Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I’m not condoning child abuse at night or behind closed doors. 885 more words


Trump Signs Non-Aggression Pact With Dictator of Malicia

The People’s Democratic Lovey-Dovey Not-A-Dictatorship Republic of Malicia is in the news again, this time not for its numerous human rights violations but for its new peace accord with the United States of America. 575 more words

Donald Trump


Dashed dreams and forgotten schemes. They keep me wake at all hours

I never want to forget your smile, your face as it lights up the towers of New Seoul. 187 more words

Crazy People


The troubles that held the King this day were nothing new, just logically sound. In the months since his coronation his ministers had been secretly found, scheming for the removal of the monarchy, the crown. 683 more words

Crazy People