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The Calm before E³ 2013 – Crazy Prediction Time

This is just creepy how year after year I keep thinking to myself “Hm, E3 is approaching, should I write my predictions article already?”. And then I look up when I wrote the last one it´s been almost exactly a year since. 1,856 more words


The Calm before E³ 2012 - Crazy Prediction Time

Just got done re-watching last year´s Nintendo press conference, then decided to take a look at when I posted the previous prediction-blog entry and found out that I´m right on time. 2,344 more words


The Calm before E³ 2011 – Crazy Prediction Time

At some point of the year, E3 feels awfully far away. When it is in the coming then, it feels like it´s been just a day since the previous one. 1,992 more words