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Ready To Breakup This Valentines Day? This Company Will Do It For You!

I mean, this is probably the worst thing you could do to someone you’re dating…but…it makes it easier on you. “Because sometime you gotta¬†go out with a bang.” 176 more words


Man Gets Hundreds Of Requests For Free Chipotle Burritos

People, please pay attention to numbers when texting Chipotle!

A man in Washington D.C. has been receiving hundreds of texts from people asking for free burritos. 68 more words


ANSWERS: What's With Those Knobby Things At The Top Of Chopsticks?

Finally we know the answer to the age old question, “What’s with those knobby things at the end of chopsticks?”

Most of us (Americans) snap our chopsticks in half and scrape the wood at the end off. 156 more words


Ryan Reynolds To Go 'Full-Frontal' In New Movie!

Ladies (and Gays) your dreams are coming true! NewNowNext is reporting that actor and all around hottie Ryan Reynolds is completely naked during a fight scene in the upcoming film… 170 more words


There's A New Pizza Diet!

Everybody loves pizza! Too bad it can be very unhealthy. Little do we know, it could actually be the best new diet!

Chef Pasquale Cozzolino claims he lost 101 pounds in 7 months by eating pizza everyday. 201 more words


5 Silly Things People Have Seen At Disneyland

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth to many, but it’s not always perfect! You won’t believe these unbelievable series of events people have witnessed at Disneyland during their magical¬†moment. 178 more words


You Won't Believe What's In The Oscars Gift Bag!

I have never wanted to be famous more than I do right now. Why? Because I just found a list of the items in the infamous Oscars gift bags for this year. 235 more words