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Chase Vault

The Chase family suffered a number of tragic losses beginning in 1808 on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. First, little Mary baby died and was placed in a small metal coffin in the burial vault of the local parish church, and then, 4 years later, daughter Dorcas Chase slowly starved herself before joining her sister in death. 80 more words

Crazy Stories

Sacramento Woman With 'Skull On A Stick' Leads Police To Body

This is horrible! A homeless woman was spotted walking around the streets of Sacramento with a real human skull on stick. She lead police to the body where she got it from… 58 more words


The Oak Island Mstery

At least 6 workers and explorers are believed to have died attempting to uncover the secret of the Money Pit, a bizarre, seemingly man-made and unexplained depression located on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island. 69 more words

Crazy Stories

Late Ex's Mother Accuses Jim Carrey Of Giving Daughter STDs!

This story is almost too salacious to be true. Jim Carrey‘s late ex-girlfriend (who took her own life) was allegedly infected with STDs by Jim Carrey…at least according to her mother. 70 more words


Jared Fogle Victim Drops Lawsuit!

One of Jared Fogle’s victims has dropped charges against the former Subway spokesman. Documents TMZ obtained show that the family has dropped the lawsuit with prejudice. 37 more words


Did You See The 'Friends' Episode Where Chandler Died?

Some super-fans of the sitcom F*R*I*E*N*D*S (i’ve always wanted to write it like that) have done some clever editing and created a spooky episode where… 14 more words


Man Divorces Wife After Seeing Her Without Makeup

This poor woman!!! Her husband called off their marriage after seeing her fresh-faced!! NOW 100.5 is reporting that the man felt “tricked” while they were swimming in the ocean on vacation.  56 more words