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Madonna 'Carpool Karaoke' [FULL VIDEO]

Madonna was riding shotgun with James Cordon on Carpool Karaoke last night and while she twerked and sang her hits in the car – she also talked about kissing Michael Jackson. 81 more words


Have YOU Seen A Dolphin Swimming In The Sacramento River?

Eyewitnesses are saying that they have spotted a dolphin swimming in the Sacramento River…

Fox40.com says that 2 different people have claimed to have spotted a dolphin swimming the Sacramento River recently. 114 more words


The Day Of The Year When Couples Are Most Likely To Break Up Is This Weekend

There’s one specific day of the year when couples are most likely to break up and it’s happening this coming weekend…

Mirror.co.uk says that December 11th (this Sunday) is the day of the year when couples are most likely to break up! 90 more words


Being An 'In & Out' Manager Pays Better Than Being A Lawyer!

This story is crazy, but it claims that being a manager at In & Out Burger has a better starting salary than that of a lawyer! 30 more words


Santa Tells Little Boy To Lose Weight When He Sat On His Lap [PICS]

A 9-year-old little boy is crushed after his parents took him to see Santa – and Santa fat shamed the kid. See what Santa said… 137 more words


Couple 'Accidentally' Wins Lottery Jackpot

It was a total accident that this couple became millionaires. See how it happened…

Time.com says that says that a man in New Jersey usually picks his own Lotto numbers but when he went to buy tickets last week, the clerk accidentally sold him a quick pick ticket. 39 more words


SFO Airport Introduces It's Adorable 'Therapy Pig'

If you travel by air from time to time you may have seen a handler walking through an airport with a dog for people to pet. 111 more words