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Senior Citizens Strip Down For Charity Calendar

A lot is going on in the news right now, and we’re here to fill you in!! From celebrity gossip to stories you have to see to believe, here are the Things You Need To Know: 206 more words


Dad Eats His Daughter's Pot Brownies, Calls 911

OOPS!! A man in Michigan got more than he bargained for when he ate some brownies his daughter made.

According to USA Today, the 58-year-old ate “several” brownies made by his 17-year-old daughter. 73 more words


Model Does Extreme Corset Training For 20-Inch Waist

A bunch of celebrities are trying out waist training, but no one’s as dedicated as Aleira Avendano of Caracas, Venezuela!! According to Elite Daily… 125 more words


You'll Never Guess What Tim Cook Is Doing With His Fortune

Apple’s Tim Cook is donating pretty much all of his fortune to charity!!

According to The Verge, he’s planning on paying for his 10-year-old nephew’s college education, and is going to donate the rest!! 90 more words


10 Weirdest Food Laws In America

Whaaat??? There are some WEIRD food laws out there!! Check out the weirdest food laws in the nation, provided by Yahoo!! San Francisco even makes the list!! 329 more words


VIDEO: Baby Claps During Ultrasound

This is UNREAL!! During a routine ultrasound, the fetus started clapping!!

The video was only posted this morning. The mom-to-be posted the video onto YouTube… 39 more words


Missing Vallejo Woman Ruled A Hoax

Earlier this week we reported on a Vallejo woman who was kidnapped and being held for ransom. After further investigation, CBS Sacramento reports that police have ruled the “kidnapping” to be a hoax. 103 more words