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The City of Trees Music Festival Is Moving!

The City of Trees musical festival is back…with a new location!

The festival will be at Bonney Field at Cal Expo on September 10. According to… 55 more words


An Alligator Did WHAT To This House?!

What is the strangest thing ever on your doorstep?

A resident in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina probably tops us all! They had an alligator at their doorstep ring their doorbell! 65 more words

Crazy Stories

PICS: Baby Born With 31 Fingers And Toes!!!

Whoa! We’ve heard of people having an extra finger, but this is on another level! CBS News reports that a baby in China was born with 31 fingers and toes! 105 more words


Prince Nkosana from Bandung

This story originates in an exotic land called India, where we met and befriended an awesome Indonesian fellow. We spent many days together being silly and having a generally fabulous time. 220 more words


Singapore, you dirty girl!

I’m not sure, ever, if I describe it as a city or a country. It was Malaysia’s then the UK’s then it became an independent state, loosened from the shackles of both countries. 360 more words

Crazy Stories

Land of temples and killing fields

Cambodia is a small country with a not so small history. While we were in Siem Reap it was all about the Temples and the ruins and the Wat nots…pun intended! 411 more words

Crazy Stories

Khmer or not Khmer 

If you took the average Cambodian and dropped him or her in the middle of the Cape flats, locals might very well assume that they are also just a local. 225 more words

Crazy Stories