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Salutations fellow readers and bloggers!  Allow me to introduce myself… My sister and I will be sharing and writing in this blog, so you will be reading both of our crazy thoughts and stories… I am, for lack of a better term, “Sister Two.”  I am the youngest, and the adored baby of the family… Since our stories contain such incriminating material, we would like to remain anonymous.   526 more words

216. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, April 4th, 4:00 7:00pm

Maurice (and Stuart)

(Maurice sits at the window. Stuart takes the seat beside him.)

Maurice: Well, hello there.

Stuart: Don’t ask. 216 more words


Channing And Jenna Tatum Announce Divorce [PIC]

THIS IS CRAZY! One of those moments where I said out loud while scrolling through Instagram, “THIS IS CRAZY”.

Channing and Jenna made joint statements that they posted on Instagram about their love and separation and to be honest, it’s the best statement (about this topic) I’ve ever read. 53 more words

Exonerated Man Gets His Job With The White Sox Back After 23 Years

This story is RAD.

Nevest (interesting first name) Coleman was in prison for 23 years for a rape and murder he didn’t commit. DNA proved his innocence to the 1994 murder and he was released in November. 40 more words

Toddler Locks iPhone For 47 Years

The only time I have ever been locked out of my phone is when I’m drunk and I put the password in wrong too many times. 225 more words

My Roommate Story #3

Exactly a month ago, I posted one of my crazy roommate stories— I can assure you that there’s more wild stories to tell, so here’s another one! 665 more words


The Dirt Shirt

A week or two ago, I uploaded a post about one of my camping adventures, The RV Grouchies.  Today I’m sharing another one of my camping stories. 423 more words