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Bird Set Free

Sometimes I get days off. And after spending time with my kids & crossfit, I hang out by a lake by my house and read books & think about stuff. 1,631 more words

My New Life As Me

Bible Feasting

I listened to (another) fun podcast the other day.  This one was an interview with the author of “Saving The Bible From Ourselves.”  Which is a treatise on how our itemization of the Bible, with verses and chapters, unwittingly led to our treating it as a self-help database (your ticket to heaven) instead of a living story.   260 more words

Crazy Talk

ONCE UPON A TIME...(giants)

ONCE upon a time

Actually the exact year was 2012. The giants had just won their second Super Bowl in fours years. Any fan, of any of the other 31 teams, will tell you that both wins were flukes. 220 more words

ONCE UPON A TIME...(Redskins)

SON: Dad, tell me a bedtime story.

DAD: Okay. Once upon a time, the Redskins were really really good, and-

SON: I said tell me a story, not bullshit me. 177 more words


KIDS! Get your asses in here! I want to tell you a story about your heritage. Everyone sit down and Grandpa will tell you about how… 318 more words

The Right Spot

I was sick all last week, so I used it as an excuse to abandon the housekeeping ship and work on projects instead.  I find that when I don’t want to clean my kitchen (I’m sick, very sick) I can still come up with enough motivation to paint bookshelves.   1,056 more words

Crazy Talk

Do you have a good heart?

This was in my facebook feed today .I think it is a wonderful advice , one all of us should follow . Literally !

Heart :   225 more words

Crazy Talk