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It’s now that it is starting to become real. Next Friday I’m leaving this tiny country. Never seemed so tiny to me but compared to where I’m going it is almost as tiny as it gets. 215 more words

Crazy Talk

Wishes for New Year!

I have been thinking after reading numerous wishes I have received in last 24 hours. Everyone suddenly seems to be sincerely wishing me love, peace, happiness, and prosperity for the new… 661 more words

Crazy Talk


BACK in early April, I said the Eagles would be at least 9-7 and win the NFC East. Despite many people asking about my temperature and asking if I needed to lie down, I did not waver from my assertion. 259 more words

A poem about my pal, Anxiety.

I’m sitting on the riverbank,

The grass between my toes,

This is my secret sanctuary,

Not even God would know.

And on that subject I do wonder, 342 more words


Who the chuff is Betsy Duff?

Oh dear

I’m writing this immediately off the back of the Preface post and am now in the office. It’s 8am and I’ve had 3 hours sleep. 499 more words

False Alarm

Let me tell you a story.

I have an online dating account. I’ve had it forever. I used to use it to troll creepers. Now I use it to (kind of) try to meet people. 521 more words

My New Life As Me

Red wine. News. Red wine. Call Me.

I’m warmer now, I have on the heater and am drinking a glass of red wine. My children are sleeping, it’s 3:39PM. I hope I have enough time to write: before they wake up, before my husband gets home. 932 more words