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Much of what I do on here, writing-wise, while the topics are usually ones that come up in the moment as opposed to planned out, I do tend to take some considerable time shaping them, filling them out and making them either funny or not.  1,668 more words


Suffer The Little Children *emphasis on suffer

When I was first married I read the book, “The Things You’ll See” by Larry Lucas.  I haven’t read it since, but 15 years later and it still sticks.  495 more words

Crazy Talk

Don't Believe Me Just Watch

I was talking to one of my friends about modesty this week and I started thinking again.  I really don’t have time to think, but sometimes I do it anyways.   1,304 more words

Crazy Talk

Open letter to anyone who has ever got my name wrong 'Err..Its JEHOSHEBA'

Pronouncing your name the wrong way can be annoying and hilarious at the same time .
I am not usually offended by this.People have difficulties getting their tongues trained to deal with certain names, its inevitable.

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Please "Bear" me

Thank you dear D for nominating me for something very different . Spirit of animal award. How cool is that ! Lots!

So, 5 facts about me. 730 more words

Crazy Talk

A thought for my craziness

Someone called me crazy yesterday and again today morning. Technically, since its after midnight, the yesterday becomes Saturday and today will be Sunday.

She had no idea I was crazy. 121 more words

How I became a Doctor.

We watch House MD. Me and my husband. All season , all re-runs. I think we are addicted.

hmm, Sometimes over tea while watching re-run I ask him : Why do we watch House ? 1,041 more words

Crazy Talk