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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey

After having read some really bad books recently, I decided to pick up a classic. Ken Kesey. The book which inspired so many movies and… 1,034 more words

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Life so far

My life so far is kind of strange right now. My depression is seeping through ever sector of my life. Affecting relationships in all aspects. 309 more words

Crazy Women

Rose Madder * Stephen King

I have read this (massive) book in less than two days. And while I could remember parts of it, I read it first so long ago that the entire story seemed new. 3,106 more words

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10 ways for your partner stop calling you ‘crazy woman’

I dare to write this article today, as being a woman close to 32 and from hearing many times this famous phrase from guys referring that woman we are crazy. 792 more words

Scarf this down!

In general, I try not to be judgemental, but today, at the park with my kids, I can’t help but share the two conclusive generalizations I’ve come to. 634 more words

Bad Band Names (Fictional - I hope)

This is more of a game a friend and I used to play – for fun we would come up with wacky names for bands.  Enjoy. 66 more words

All Women Are Crazy Because...

We are not afraid to love hard. When we love, we organically love hard. We couldn’t “half ass” love even if we tried.

When we love someone, we work to understand them instead of giving them a judgemental title that doesn’t do them justice. 602 more words