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Helicopter Parents

During a recent trip to the USA, whilst watching a current affairs television programme, I encountered an expression I’d never heard before. The expression was “Helicopter Parents” and it refers to parents who “hover” over their children and control their lives. 268 more words

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Common terms in a VC's Term Sheet to a Startup

I have recently gone through painful exercises with entrepreneurs who have not been coached in the ways of raising money from venture capitalists (VCs) where the presentation of the term sheet creates a negative impression which leads to an unhealthy relationship even if the terms are accepted. 528 more words

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Metal for Friday: Scorpions "Send Me An Angel" [video].

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a ballad here on Metal For Friday, and going back through the list I see that I don’t think I’ve ever featured the Scorpions in this series. 202 more words



When you love an animal, they can break your heart when you have to let them go.  Animal lovers know the pain of that loss.  I am sorry to say my sister is trying to find a good home for her dog Bella.  602 more words

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Growing Old Disgracefully!

I recently watched a television programme about a renowned retirement community in mid-Florida called The Villages, I say renowned because it is something of a 21st century phenomenon which could well spread across the so-called civilised world. 189 more words

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Emina Gaspar-Vrana is a lawyer from Stockholm in Sweden. She is beautiful, talented and clever.  Here is our interview:

Who are you?

I’m a lawyer by day and a poet/photographer by night.

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A Big World Out There

I spend a fair amount of time in the USA and am very fond of the country and its people. However, like many travellers from across the world I do get a little frustrated by the apparent parochialism of some of the television stations and other media which sometimes give the impression that America IS the world… 324 more words

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