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Photo Friday: Why we can still feel good about the world

Election blues got you down? Fear of hurricanes and terrorism and Zika and economic collapse occupying too much space in your psyche?

The world may be going down the tubes, but there are still so many things to cheer our souls. 204 more words

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In the Mist of this Crazy World...

Hey Everyone!!!

Long time no see huh? I had been lost in the ‘mist of this crazy busy world’. We all get to experience that right? 147 more words

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It's All A Plot. Never Click The Ads.

So a couple days ago. The I-15 freeway through Utah – ugly. And the I-215 freeway – who needs terrorists? And the I-80 freeway – can we get a break? 812 more words

Crazy World


I can get angry easily. I have a very bad temper, and I don’t know why.

My ex came to my office this morning for nothing. 143 more words

Crazy World

Monday Musings, #30, 2016

There are very clear moments in life when one sits back and contemplates the sanity of others.  It’s a given that we live in a crazy world, but oftentimes this knowledge is locked away, filed deep in our grey matter where we don’t have to look at it.   78 more words

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To Arms, To Arms


This world’s gone all cracked
and cattywampus crazy again
and oh, I wish we could be
ghosts with transparent skin
and checkered hands, polka… 51 more words

“I talk to you every day, more than anyone in the world.

I can’t be a stranger to you.”

Well, sometimes you don’t need to say I love you. 7 more words

Crazy World