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Small World

I’ve been working in New York the last few days (lucky me, I know) and was eager, on my Sunday morning time off, to find a bar showing the football game between Manchester United and Leicester City. 265 more words

Crazy World

Man shot dead by friend for paying restaurant bill in Istanbul

Aman has been shot dead by his friend because he paid the restaurant bill in Istanbul, according to Turkish media reports.

Hasan Erdemir and İdris Alakuş allegedly argued over who would pay the bill after the men had soup in the restaurant in the Turkish city’s Bakirkoy district on Sunday morning. 175 more words

Crazy World

Dead Right

It was reported this week that Thailand,  facing one of the world’s worst records of drink-driving,  has passed new legislation compelling convicted drivers to work in mortuaries and to physically handle dead bodies to try and drive home (no pun intended) the seriousness of the offence. 72 more words

Crazy World

Spellin an Grammer

I wer talkin to a mate a mine the other day wile we was in pub an I sed wot a sham it wer that alot of peepel thees days ave got no ideer abowt spellin punchyuasian or grammer an that he agrede an sed your ded rite john so tru an I sed I fine it reelly frusst…furst….frut…… o bolloks  anoyin  lol an it gets on me nervs ave they got no cloo abowt that stuf didunt they doo anythin at skool other than fool abowt at the bak of the klass not payin attenshun an gettin in trubbel with the teecher an get no educashun I reelly do dispair an am sory for avin a rant an I cud of sed mor but it gets me goin big tyme aneeway not to wurree ave a gud day wont yer

Crazy World

American Service

As most travellers to the USA will tell you, service in restaurants, cafes and bars tends to be of a pretty high standard and perhaps too much so for British sensibilities. 275 more words

Crazy World

Our Crazy World ... But I Won't Give In (Neither should you!!)

Our Crazy World

full of crazy contradictions


… as a summer storm,

so I hold on tight, believe I’m right –

try my best surviving crazy days and nights. 83 more words

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