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Obama, Putin satirised in Spain's explosive spring fest @drudgereportapp

Obama, Putin satirised in Spain’s explosive spring fest. http://tiny.iavian.net/4klh

If you ever get a chance to go see this celebration live, I highly recommend it!
#lasfallas #firecrackerseverywhere

Completely Awesome

Peace In A Crazy World

Message from Spirit…Find the peace inside you, a peace so deep and strong that allows you to just witness the world spinning madly on. In this stillness of your own soul you will remember we are all infinite expressions of Love in endless forms.

Was It was worth the wealth?

What are we worth without the wealth?
A concert pianist is as skilled as nature.
But homeless with bad mental health he is worthless.
And when he lies in his death bed next to the man who made millions from standing in sun beds. 60 more words

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She looked like Eva Marie Saint...

Learning about Dorian Gray from The Smiths.
Reading Simone De Beauvoir.
Because of Lloyd Cole.

Hearing as the name of the plane that dropped the pain, became a song that echoed around the world as the number one history lesson synth song. 180 more words

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Cold Clowns

When i asked my uncle Brian what they did.

At Portland Down.

He said that they made duvets.

For every aspiring acrobat.

And for every trainee clown. 115 more words

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The Post

I have noticed, over the last couple of years or so, that the Post Office seem to be employing  far more female postmen than they used to. 194 more words

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