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Deadly Attacks

Yesterday, the BBC online news service contained two reports that demonstrate just how far we English have declined.

First of all was the report of an emergency 999 telephone call made by a man claiming he had been chased by a malevolent badger – which for the information of any town dwellers reading this blog, is a cute, shy creature about the size of a small to medium dog that feeds predominantly on worms and slugs! 59 more words

Crazy World

Restaurant owner opts out of Restaurant Week to feed homeless

The official event runs through Aug. 2. It’s a chance for establishments to reach out to old and make some new customers by offering multi-course lunch and dinner deals, but there’s one chef-owner who decided to skip it. 171 more words

Crazy World

Restaurant owner defends actions after telling off crying toddler

The owner of a restaurant who shouted at a crying toddler to be quiet has defended her actions on social media.

Darla Neugebauer, who runs Marcy’s Diner in downtown Portland, Oregon, said she shouted at the two-year-old after her parents, Tara and John Carson, ordered three pancakes to the table and didn’t feed them to her, preferring to talk among themselves as their daughter screamed loudly. 224 more words

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Everyone and his dog (literally) seem to have blogs these days. People usually laugh at my ramblings, I generally believe it is with me, but it may be through fear, so I thought I would share some of my observations/thoughts/insights. 40 more words


selfie pics of poverty

There selling selfie sticks in camden
And the girl at the bus stop was crying into her iphone 6
Meanwhile in Goa a girl who smiled and took Jo shopping and because of her care received a pair of jeans that fulfilled all of her dreams had to part with them to feed her family

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i don't understand?

This just because i feel for a wife who lost her friend

Some driving mistake made a man rage

But depite the mans age

He cruelly stabbed him. 32 more words



i’m so sure it was this way You see I remember being lost here before On some other set off in hope journey Yes we asked the man with the faded face If he knew where we were Where i was He didn’t well why would he But his faded face half cracked a faded smile We were sure he said carry on straight For two half’s of a country mile Arriving was… Here we are, i knew i was sure it was this way After i thought though I was so sure of it being that way That i forgot to say to the man with the faded face See you soon


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