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Monday Musings, #30, 2016

There are very clear moments in life when one sits back and contemplates the sanity of others.  It’s a given that we live in a crazy world, but oftentimes this knowledge is locked away, filed deep in our grey matter where we don’t have to look at it.   78 more words

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To Arms, To Arms


This world’s gone all cracked
and cattywampus crazy again
and oh, I wish we could be
ghosts with transparent skin
and checkered hands, polka… 51 more words

“I talk to you every day, more than anyone in the world.

I can’t be a stranger to you.”

Well, sometimes you don’t need to say I love you. 7 more words

Crazy World

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Wind of Change
Փոփոխության քամի

I follow the Moskva, Մոսկվա գետի ափով Down to Gorky Park, Իջնում եմ Գորկու Այգի՝ Listening to the wind of change. 230 more words

Primaria Din Cannes A Anuntat, Joi, Faptul Ca, A Interzis Purtarea Pe Plaja A Costumuui De Baie Islamic (Burkini)

Primaria din Cannes (sud-estul Frantei) a anuntat, joi, faptul ca, a interzis, prin ordin municipal, purtarea pe plaja a costumului de baie islamic  (burkini), care acopera in intregime corpul. 130 more words

Kp Message 8-10-16… “Energies feel like popping Popcorn!” ~ August 11, 2016

As time on Earth passes by, I AM seeing fewer and fewer spiritual articles “out there” on the Internet. They are not completely gone, but have lessened quite a bit. 411 more words

366 Poems: July 26th, 2016

Just Warning You

The world is about to get a bit more exciting

and then become boring again.

And then exciting!

And then boring.

And then exciting! 82 more words