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Adopting a Baby

My husband and I have  tried (happily) to get pregnant since we  were married in 2013.   We have had no success, most likely due to my age.   319 more words

Random Stuff

Warning: This is a "Long Summary of My Health Journey" Post.

NOTE: This post is long. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. It’s mainly a post about my health journey since living in China, because I’ve tried a lot of things, had some good experiences, some bad experiences, and am currently having some great experiences. 2,213 more words


Still Trying to Throw Her Arms Around the World

Crossing the River – Ally Saunders

I write in salt. Heart doubled
and aching. Give me your
(blessed are the)
poor, your tired
(oh, I am tired) 70 more words


Talking to Myself Again


Shhhhh…see? The world’s an okay place;
the world’s got quiet grace and open sky.

The world’s my (okay, not oyster, but per
-haps) …
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DVerse Poems

Human #1 Mr. Watson

It has taken me a very long time to collect my time and thoughts into exactly what I want to do with this blog.  It was first meant to be a… 233 more words


Crazy world !! & Trumpster !!

Just when you think you have it all figured out , bam your wrong . the world is getting crazier , I have never seen all the bullshit in the news like we have everyday , Trump is still defending himself daily and he’s not even in yet , also more and more crazy people are coming out of the woodwork to do the worst things you can imagine , then it makes the news and our children see it how are they not affected , they are in some way , shape , or form , its not fair that our children have to live a normal live with all this animosity , makes me sick , and when you think all is fine in your own home something comes along to make you think otherwise , so keep your faith strong , because the one thing I figured out is god has our lives all mapped out for us , and you can’t change the way it is , so keep cool , take the punches , and believe , it will all work out in the end ..????