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Did This Baby Just Punch Himself In This Ultrasound? It's Going Viral Now!

We have all seen an ultrasound, and anytime a friend gets pregnant they blast it all over social media.

Have you ever seen a baby punch itself in the ultrasound though? 52 more words


Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I wish I was celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans this week but I’ll have to make do with debauchery in Chicago instead. And actually, if I’m being honest – I’m not wild enough anymore to  181 more words

Wedgie Jeans Are A Real Thing Now! No Seriously, They Are!

These jeans make no sense to use what so ever. Why would you want to give yourself a wedgie?

That is exactly what these jeans do, and Kylie Jenner is sporting them already. 96 more words


The Eternity of a Moment





Tick tock



The insanity is setting in.

Time isn’t flying, it’s falling.

Falling, falling,

                            reaching terminal velocity

So close… 182 more words

And they say women are the crazy ones...

Men ALWAYS argue that women are the crazy ones, but anyone who has done any online dating realizes that both sexes are equally as crazy. 491 more words


Sappige Stagedagen 1.0

Maandag rolde ik om vijf voor zes uit mijn bed. Wachten op de wekker had toch geen nut, aangezien ik de ganse nacht al niet geslapen had. 398 more words


Fiction: Fun Night Out (422 words)

Charlie would not shut up. I know he was a figment of my imagination.  I knew he wasn’t really there.  I know that if he was annoying me, then I was really just annoying myself. 398 more words