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I don't know how much of this is true

Confessions about suffering from post-traumatic stress

My eyes are sunken, my cheeks are hollow, and my hair is falling out in chunks. I’ve lost my friendly cheeks and cushioning. 2,248 more words


Dear God, I am here today, because I am an idiot...

Well at least that is what I have felt like for the past few days. I fell for the scam, the cheater, the liar, and I realized too late in the process. 262 more words


My Week on Instagram

Hey, I have some crappy photos on my Instagram, so why not slap them here? (That was a rhetorical question.) Each photo represents one day in the last week. 344 more words


Fear the power of the writer!

Dear friends,

I’m in an odd state. A pipe burst in my apartment and flooded the master bedroom and computer room. Luckily a friend was at my place when it happened, so we were able to move my belongings into the living room to avoid them from being ruined. 345 more words