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10 Minute Challenge

If you follow my blog, you will certainly know there are some photographers I absolutely love and find inspiration in their work – inspiring me to think outside the box!  329 more words


The demons are inside each one of us, so we have ours.

Some of us have bad demons or more devilish you can say, and some of the others have good ones or less devilish. 112 more words


Japan’s crazy new gigantic pants-style two-person sleeping bags keep you close to your loved one

And yes, you can get up and walk around while still inside the Super-big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-lined Sleeping Bag. 384 more words


Strange Occurrence

That night as when I was in my bed burning up with a fan on and I fell asleep:

In the evening, it was Halloween time and I was helping out a love couple with their child, Ava, she was like 4,5, or even 6 she was a small little girl. 440 more words