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I skip the pills on Mondays and Fridays

sometimes even Wednesdays

it’s a constant fight inside my brain

they disturb me in all their white circled glory… 74 more words


Things I heard or said today that delighted me:

‘Where’s my phone?’
‘In the pantry.’

‘I was his chef.  I don’t know if he ever ate anything I made him […]’

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Oooh, I wish it would rain down on me now..

Starting over has to be the roughest, toughest shit to throw on somebody when it’s not expected, anyway. I guess it’s all about perspective. A clean slate can be an awesome thing but when you’ve lived a life of constantly restarting… you begin to crave stability and security. 516 more words

crazy is as crazy does

Namas’cray, bitches. This weekend has been much less dramatic than the last one. I still haven’t posted about that because it was so crazy, but I’m working on it (I’m on my fifth post about it LOL). 56 more words


It's called Men-Till Ill-ness not Krey-Zee!

Nuts anyone?

But seriously though I think us ummm how can I put this delicately? Ah fuck it I can’t. Us broken psychos have way more fun than the unbroken “normal” people! 540 more words

Shit That Goes On In My Head

50 Cent - Crazy

So, Fiddy shared one of his new songs and it’s straight fire, and I <3 it! Beautiful song for sure. We need an Eminem & 50 Cent collab. It’s long overdue.