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NEWS: Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson - ‘The Inside of My Head Has Been Cooked’

(There seems to be more and more cancer roaming around the world of rock these days.  If only we could all have the positivity of guys like Eddie Spaghetti and… 358 more words


Smelling the Roses in a Hectic Life

Once I finished this past semester, I thought the constant studying and running around was over. However, I have found that I am mistaken. I am currently taking a online college course, working most week days, and doing some extracurricular activities. 324 more words


THE FUNNY PAPERS WITH CUR: Where the Wild Things Are -part 1-

Hollywood (and former rock-video) director and former dance-troupe leader Spike Jonze and I pretty much agree that Maurice Sendak’s 1963 classic “Where the Wild Things Are… 35 more words

Fuck 'n Right


Your smell, what is it?

I want to capture it and keep it safe with me

So that every time I think of you when you are not around, I will have your smell with me… 138 more words


9 ways I detect creepy online men/women.

These are ways I find creepy stalkers :P You don’t have to agree with me :o

  1. They try VERY hard to personally contact you, via chat-room, message boards, etc.
  2. 869 more words
Personal Development

Judge And Criminal Reunion At Court

You are who you choose to be. A video of a coincidence reunion at court between a judge and her classmate crime suspect is going viral in the social media.  8 more words