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Irrational Me

The script for the play Jake’s Women came in the mail today.  I sat down and read the whole 99 pages.  Is this obsession?  Maybe some other version of pathology?  329 more words

The Interview

No not that one (I might talk about that later) I’m talking about with characters.

I like to do this whenever I feel like I need to be closer with a certain character, maybe one I don’t really like or one that I’m not sure exactly how to write. 654 more words


Between crazy and bat-sh*t crazy

So what is that going to be?

Am I crazy or what?

Another week goes by and I am still sitting here… talking to .. ME. 33 more words

My Matrix Glitch

I had an odd experience over the past few days. I went driving through Redwood City, California. During this drive I experienced what was an overwhelming sensation of Daja Vu. 198 more words


The weasel riding a woodpecker is slowly breaking the internet

Sorry Kim, you’re not the only one who can break the internet.


A Fun Reminder

I haven’t talked about Jenn in a long, long time.  You probably don’t don’t even remember the last time I wrote about her, I know I don’t. 667 more words


i AM what i have yet to become

Am I crazy?  Maybe.  Would I like to be someone else?  Not by a longshot.  It’s a great time for me to be alive.

For some time now, I’ve been noticing this… 271 more words