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crazy bank holiday

Oh my days ! Should be called crazy bank holiday. Flew through town, was just stuck for half hour getting in to work. Got here now like. 58 more words

Out And About

2015, April 30 – 517 – mental fabric

grasp and pull on threads (5)
from the layers of my mind (7)
will I unravel? (5)


Stress...just stress.

Stress. My good old buddy stress. I’d like to say we’d parted ways long ago but I doubt that will ever be the case. It’s my fault in part, I did decide to plan an overseas trip at the last moment…but life just likes to throw in all these odd curve balls – good and bad. 620 more words

Life Conquering


By plane,by train,by boat;Actually it doesn’t really matter as long as i can travel!

Travelling.. It’s as important as breathing for me. I want to see every inch of this world, capture whatever is beautiful in my camera. 358 more words


A lecturer walked into a lecture room and announced there would be an emergency test; and went straight to the board to write the instructions as: 142 more words


Can you keep me? The all too familiar pain.

Just tell me how I can be better.

I don’t know how many times those words rendered from my quivering lips. Involuntary weeping to follow and emotional pain so intense I would have rather been  physically beaten to the brink of expiration than be left behind and presumably forgotten or even worse….

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