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Killing Paradise Economics


Shots have been fired in room 1492. Nobody knows anything yet; but I can feel a red circle expanding, like an invisible wave which permeated reality out of my own euphoria, pumping life into this place now filled with a single stream of blood trailing away from the corpse. 1,728 more words


Sacred Beliefs

Sacred Beliefs

Trapped awake in an underworld grave
Nerve broken, fall through trapdoor of existence
Hell fire singes, burns the brave
Feel the ache, cremate the resistance… 337 more words

I’m single again. This time I’ve seen him after our break up and felt…


No sadness about his loneliness or less than perfect situation. No guilt for his being in that situation.

310 more words

Persistence & a Dash of Crazy

So… Let’s take a break from my downer posts and talk about something funnnnn.

Where my “Bachelor” fans at? Because I’m gonna talk about something I learned from following this show. 522 more words

The notorious 'good' protagonists

Okay, so some stories tend to slightly-just smidge-project main characters as extremely good people. Like literally, they would be rescuing kittens all the time and just love being doormats. 385 more words


Introducing...- GUEST THURSDAY


When he calls to say he will be coming around, You will feel your heart racing faster than normal. A tingling sensation unfurls from the depth of your stomach to your throat.; sweetening your soul like fresh honey. 350 more words


Unbridled Desire

Gazing, filled with lust,
at the flawless form veering,
left or right, is just
a matter of peering.

Elegance made frozen and real,
arching unto itself, 123 more words