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I wrote this poem when I was 16 and I had dedicated it to my best friend.
We are two little crazy beings,
You are the crunch to my chocolate ice cream,
I am the cheese of your favourite pizza. 83 more words

A Better Mousetrap

I’m dressed to impress; my tail in impeccable shape.

Ears perked to attention, I calmly wait and offer my temptation.

Aromatic aged swiss seems to draw them in quickest. 72 more words


How To: Question Your Sanity

Should I have déjà-vu from all these Instagram posts?

Or wait… can I just see the future now? Did the doctors use some kind of new material for my c-section stitches and now I’m… am I a superhero? 40 more words

Being Dumb


I ate my first pie when I was three. I remember it clearly. It was Sunday and it was autumn so the leaves were between brown and orange. 496 more words