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But Are You Comfortable?

Last week, there was one seat left on the morning train, and I squeezed into it. It was a snug fit, but not terrible. Everyone still had some room to move. 179 more words


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Black And White

Charismatic buggers

c’est moi –  a frizzed out charismatic bugger: 50 % idiot, 50 % unprecedented magnetism.


The Genius of Bruce Jenner.

While transgendered peoples are, mentally ill as a group, one has demonstrated a huge plus side.  Bruce Jenner recently announced (af if anyone didn’t already know) that he was transgendered and intended to live the rest of his life as a woman. 104 more words


The running of the otaku! Event staffer learns not to get in fans’ way as gates open【Video】

With some jobs, the risks are obvious. Want to be an F1 racer? Driving cars at unsafe speeds is pretty much the extent of your work responsibilities. 520 more words


Three men jump impossibly high during insane box jump showdown

The men in the video above took turns jumping impossibly high in a box jumping jump off to the delight of the internet recently. All three were impressive, but none more than the littlest of the group, who we will call ‘tiny.’ 17 more words


Crackhead Thinks He's A Crab!

Crack head decided to crawl on the street after taking drugs. He looks like he’s going through it questioning who he was and acting crazy on the street!

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