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Christmas Gifts I Won't Buy My Nephews (2015 edition)

It’s that time of the year. The time of the year when school is very nearly out, and it’s like all the kids are jacked on sugar cookie-crank. 665 more words

Pop Culture

Look to the future

Still no luck on the job searching front. Looking further out from where I live, hoping someone out there can glimpse potential, feel I am interesting and qualified enough to be part of a team. 77 more words

These 4 Habits Are Making You Look WAY Older Than You Are!

There are four really bad habits that are making you look way older than you actually are.

Some of these are really hard to break, or actually do. 50 more words


The Devils web

my writing used to write itself, sprawled on ripped and bloody pages, yeah my desperate cries for help, but now it seems I can’t put the words together I have to reach and delve, into the deepest darkest parts of every inch of myself, to string the words together like the fairy lights attached to my book shelf, sometimes there’s nothing to say, and if there is I’ve said it in tons of different ways, but it feels like my minds going astray again, and lately, I’m speaking in tongues with a language spoken that I can’t convey but hey, and they’re definitely not considered saintly, these devilish quotes and verses are flowing through my cranium on the daily, so I’m scrawling the verses in marker pen on the wall to remind myself I’m not crazy, I’m speaking backwards and pacing forward staring into the atmosphere and strangely, I feel a greater bond with nature, with the devil and the sun, with the moon and stars, locked in this dark chamber called earth, we all unite as one, but I know I’m different I know that I have a gift, but this life is sending me delusional with the way that we all live, we are asking all the questions but not getting answers, I wonder if it’s an ancient curse but I guess it doesn’t matter..because we all end up in that wooden hearse

NEWS: Jimmy Page Gearing Up to Record New Solo Album in 2016 - ‘It’s Time’

Now that he’s closed the book on Led Zeppelin after finishing work on the band’s latest reissue series, Jimmy Page is ready to get to work on his first solo album since 1988’s… 251 more words

Fuck 'n Right

People Go Crazy From Coercion

You know that parent that is always on their kid’s ass about everything? You know, the parents who have every day scheduled, fight every single battle, and act like raising a kid is the same as training a dog? 1,756 more words


2 Fast 2 Furious - Chinese style

I apologize for being away for such a long time, I promise I will start posting like crazy and reborn this blog :)

One thing that surprised me a lot was the way Chinese people drive on the streets. 687 more words