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well, i could've told you that

Therapist: Life is too short.

Me: Actually, I disagree. Life is not too short. Life expectancy has increased, what, 20 years in a generation? And none of it is particularly good for any of us. 144 more words


Please Don't Squeeze The Ultimate Intimate Cleansing Experience

Note to my mommy: I’m sorry. I know it’s eskimo and you are making that face right now.

Note to readers: My mommy would want you to know she raised a lady who doesn’t talk about this kind of thing. 696 more words


What The Hell?

What the hell is going on? I mean, WHAT. THE. HELL? I just stood up from my desk and applauded Paul Ryan for something other than that awesome beard he’s working on. 419 more words


Aaaaaaand Yet Another Writer Behaving Badly.

Then there is the case of Countdown quiz show winner and narcissistic delusionoid, Mr. Richard Brittain, and his self-published opus, The World Rose, a work that had been originally published on the fan-fiction hub Wattpad. 276 more words


I Am.

It’s been quite an emotional rollercoaster for me today.

  • Relationship issues.
  • Devotional issues.
  • Devotional relationship issues.  (Though in the interest of trying to remain positive hasn’t been all bad…it simply involves some work about which I’ve been hesitant to finish, and the overwhelming sense of being emotionally drained in doing it.)
  • 82 more words
My Sweetest Friend


Reading the scornedwifeblog, and her crazypants ex husband pretending to be a group of users.  He bullies her for her thoughts and private blog and makes it sound like she is the wrong person, even though he cheated, broke their marriage, and refuses to finalize the divorce.   281 more words


Like Belly Buttons

I’ve been thinking about arguments lately. Mostly I’ve been thinking about how horribly, tremendously, comically bad we are at arguing. Americans, I mean. We do so many things so well. 930 more words