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So.. this is kind of a funny story.

  • Request to attend the auditions for The 1940s Radio Hour and observe the production staff through decision making…
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Thank You

This one is going to be rough.  Personally rough.  It’ll be easy to get through as I’ll only have to navigate speaking to 34 people but regardless it’ll be rough. 732 more words

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Costumes and more costumes

  • Costume plot for this show [The Laramie Project] including a make up plot for The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and another costume plot for 
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Theatre in the Community

This has been a tough article for me to write as I am not 100% sure how I view publicity, events, and advertising for community theatre IN the community it resides.   968 more words

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Why is this soooo hard?

  • Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music

If it were easy, every one could be a director. 671 more words


Career moves

Three weeks down.  How did I do?

  • Do not suffer a meltdown during the new career step I’m taking (I don’t know how I’ll evaluate how well I did, or whether or not what I experience ends up being considered a meltdown or not – but I will focus on how a new job affects theatrical output)
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Yoga... me?! (Attempt II)

  • Register for a yoga class

So I did it.
I finally registered for a Yin Yoga class per the short term/recent recommendation of my informal life coach and friend, Melisse. 809 more words

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