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Behind the Psalter Hymnal (Part 5)

As I mentioned last week, much of the case for hymn-singing in the Christian Reformed Church was built on the claim that Reformed churches had never been opposed to hymn-singing on principle. 1,072 more words


Guide to EPIK: Apostilled CRC Guide (USA)

This may seem like the most complicated document to acquire because EPIK spends about three pages of the Required Documents explanation packet explaining it in a confusing way that’s not really in order. 882 more words


Behind the Psalter Hymnal (Part 4)

Last week’s discussion of the creation of the CRC’s first Psalter Hymnal brought us to the Synod of 1928, the meeting at which the question of singing hymns in worship came to a head. 758 more words


Canadian Rally Update - Baie Highlights / Black Bear

The CRC episode from the team at CARSRALLY on You Tube is not out yet, but we do have some highlights from the recent Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs in New Richmond QC saw some amazing action.     347 more words

Document Alert--Coast Guard Cutter Procurement

USNI news service has posted a copy of the Congressional Research Services latest take on the Coast Guard Vessel recapitalization program, “Coast Guard Cutter Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress.”  As usual their “Specialist in Naval Affairs,” Ronald O’Rourke, has done an excellent job and by simply stating the facts has made a strong case for recapitalization. 113 more words


The Meaning of Baptism

I’ve been thinking a lot about baptism lately.  In part, because of the baptisms that will occur this Sunday (July 12), but also because I’m reading a book on the sacraments by Leonard Vander Zee called, … 240 more words

Behind the Psalter Hymnal (Part 3)

Here on URC Psalmody we’ve been spending some time considering why and how the first Psalter Hymnal came into existence more than 80 years ago. … 909 more words