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CRC Proposal #91, No Oil and Gas Drilling, Yes or No?

CRC Proposal #91, No Oil and Gas Drilling, Yes or No?

This coming Thursday, December 14th, I will be presenting CRC proposal #91 to the General Provisions committee, the committee I chair. 420 more words

Learning Adobe Illustrator

For our project, where we have to produce logo designs for a real life brief (Greater Cambridge Partnership), we were asked to make these on Adobe Illustrator, because this uses vector to create the image. 163 more words

In-class Activities

Australia's new food waste strategy

This week I went to something really cool. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m hoping if you’re the kind of person who reads these kind of blogs that you might think it’s kind of cool too! 905 more words

The rule of halves

This was an in-class activity, where we were given a half of a circle each half of the class had the bottom half of the circle and the rest had the top half. 263 more words

In-class Activities

Child Marriage: How is this still a thing?

Iraq just tossed women’s rights under the bus, throwing human rights and women’s rights back half a century.

I thought we agreed, globally, that kids getting married is not a good thing. 804 more words

Group activity- 7/11/2017

This was a group class activity, where we were randomly split into groups of 4 and were asked to produce a rough logo for the current assignment, this logo isn’t meant to be for anything, but the purpose was to collaborate with a group and try to produce a logo containing everyone’s ideas. 110 more words


Made in Myanmar

The other day I was in the Hudson Bay because I needed a winter jacket. Naturally, I went towards the sale section to try a few on. 629 more words