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Any CRC algorithm

TForge 0.73 is released.

The theme of the release is implementing any CRC algorithm of size up to 64 bits. New TCRC class implements Rocksoft™ Model of CRC algorithms using one-bit-at-a-time CRC calculation; the details will be published on the related project’s wiki page.

What Killed the CRC?

Interesting to see KGW 8 publishing yet another article on the comatose CRC, 8 things that wrecked the new I-5 bridge with the usual calls and blame of what they feel brought the project down. 350 more words

Light Rail

Investing in children is the best investment we can make

Today, 20 November, marks Universal Children’s Day, observed around the world to bring attention to the many issues still facing children all over the world, but also to celebrate the immense potential and power that lies within them. 512 more words


Virtual Demons: Cyber Sexual Exploitations of Filipino Children

by Ani Poghosyan / Boghossian 


In recent years, with the rise and the increasing usage of the Internet, even in the poorest countries of the world and its accumulating effect worldwide, children from vulnerable, low-income countries and various fragile situations are faced with a new kind of abuse: cyber sexual exploitation. 2,767 more words

Human Rights

Notes on bitwise CRC32

CRC algorithms calculate remainder from division of a message polynomial by a generator polynomial over GF(2) field. There are many explanations how it works (see… 356 more words

CRC Board Meeting Wednesday, November 18

Reminder: CRC Board meeting will be Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 9am – 11am.  All board meetings are held at the CT MIRA Trash Museum, 211 Murphy Road, Hartford, CT.  All members welcome.

A byte's not 8 bits.

We have always been said that a byte in computer terms is a set of 8 bits and is used to strore data. We had always believed it. 547 more words