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A Trip to Strasbourg - Part 1

On the TGV…

…on our way to Strasbourg

It was parent/teacher meeting day so there was no school which meant we could do our homework on Friday and then go on an adventure by TGV on Friday evening.   221 more words


Le Palais de la Decouverte

We didn’t get around to telling you about our trip into Paris to go to Le Palais de la Decouverte which roughly translates to ‘the Palace of Discovery’.   287 more words


Christmas has officially ended...

Saturday was Our Christmas.  When you travel around loads there are always a couple of presents that can’t be taken with us so we keep them back for Our Christmas, traditionally on the Saturday after New Year.   900 more words


The Year Star Wars Ruled Christmas

Started on Christmas Eve it did.  Had a surprise trip to the cinema, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens to see.  Excellent the film was.  BB8 and Rey we especially liked. 111 more words



…I couldn’t consolidate my telephoning skills this morning, Creagh was still ill this morning (but I think he sounds better – playing Kung Fu Panda with Euan and giggling right at this moment!!) 72 more words


Small triumphs...

…come in the shape of making an appointment in French over the phone.  Creagh isn’t very well – I don’t think it is anything serious but the general headachey, pale, tiredness just isn’t going away.   288 more words



We have discovered chouquettes.  They are like sweet, puffy, light as air, melt in the mouth yumminess!!  We are not sure which of two boulangeries near us sell the best ones so we keep asking mum and dad to get a few more every weekend so we can decide.   27 more words