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Off to Scotland for a wedding

We travelled up to Scotland to celebrate Gayle and Adam’s wedding back in October.  We took two planes: one to get Heathrow and another to get to Edinburgh.   190 more words


I was flag bearer at Notre-Dame

I am really happy because I got to be flag bearer at the British Legion Remembrance service at Notre-Dame, one of the biggest and most famous church in France!   171 more words

La Philharmonie

A long time ago now, we went to the Philharmonie in Paris and it was amazing. We got to see parts of our favorite PIXAR films on a big screen.   126 more words


Centenary Camp in France

The Centenary Camp happened a few months ago now but I can still remember it as though it was yesterday!!  It was so brilliant!!!  When I finished school on the day that camp started, I was really excited about it all.   190 more words

We walked to Germany - Strasbourg Part 3

We were so excited that it was snowing.  We hoped that it would snow loads and loads.  But it didn’t really snow that much and it was melting quickly in the morning.   491 more words

Roaringwater Wells

Today’s exploration was concentrated mainly around the coast looking out into the delightfully named Roaringwater Bay. All was calm, though, the sun shining and not a hint of roaring. 1,349 more words