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Blueberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream

I don’t know how many of you do this – but I love to look at recipe books, love to collect them (my small shelf in our dining room is already overflowing with cookbooks!)  and love to borrow books from the local library …and most of all love to glance through the pictures!   535 more words


Cheesecake or Ice Cream, You Decide!–Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream With Cookies Swirl (草莓奶酪冰淇淋)


I saw the ice cream on display in the shelf and I decided to replicate the ice cream, a Tom and Jerry ‘s strawberry cheesecake ice cream with cookies swirl. 642 more words


Almost Red Velvet Berry Cobbler

My July issue of Southern Living is full of drool-worthy recipes, inspiration, and summertime favorites! You can tell by my old-fashioned method of pinning :) 438 more words

Fourth of July Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

After spending the past week in San Diego for a conference, nothing says ‘Welcome Home’ like a mini-hurricane and temps rivaling hell’s inferno. As I stood in my kitchen, AC blasting and contemplating wearing a bikini into the office this week, I thought: ‘Meris, do you really want to crank the oven on? 379 more words

Fruit Desserts

Ice Cream Elation

Two years ago when we were on vacation, my husband’s Aunt got me totally hooked on homemade ice cream.  I remember my dad making it in the Summer when we were kids but it was a bit of a production with a mega ice cream maker, rock salt, and a whole lot of babysitting.   414 more words



If you’ve ever been to a Cuban bakery, you know that the only question is how you’d like you’re guava.  In puff pastry, shortbread, masa real… 455 more words


Shortbread Saints

I promised myself that it wouldn’t escalate.  An after-work dinner with a friend in a nearby restaurant became dinner with friends plural at my house.  I know it’s a mistake to try new things on guests. 497 more words