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Verne - Brain = RJ

We’re thoughtful therefore we struggle.

You go Verne.

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Knafeh for those who absolutely love it or want to attempt making it. It doesn’t take much effort like baklava which I will show later as well! 302 more words


Aimless strolls and jackpot finds

I think my roommate secretly hates going to the supermarket with me. On the rare occasions when we do go together, she knows exactly what she wants, grabs it, pays and is outside texting me that she’ll meet me back at home, all before I’ve dropped even a single item into my basket. 279 more words

Sweet Stuff

The One With Kale Pops

RJ is not interested in your well being, he’s interested in your being fun. Big difference. At least to him.

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Cream Puffs

Cream puffs are much easier to make than it looked! The cream is below the dough recipe. There was a lot of cream leftover so i used it for cupcakes. 417 more words


Crepes is something I have been making since my husband and I started dating. He is a big breakfast person, me not so much. I do love crepes for breakfast, I think its the sweetness, and that’s why I like them so much. 480 more words



Happy New Year everyone! Wow, we are already done with the much awaited holiday season and about a week into 2016! Seriously, where does the time fly! 1,193 more words

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