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Cruise ship passengers are polluting the sea by using too much SUN CREAM experts insist

Cruise passengers are being blamed for polluting the seas of Spanish tourist hotspot Mallorca – by using too much suncream. Marine experts have pointed the finger at sunshine-loving Brits and stated how the lotion, which is an essential protector against sunburn and skin cancers, is killing off sea life. 10 more words


#28 Three shades of white cream

Another one of my creations :), I need something sweet and have to use what I have in the kitchen style. Banana pudding, whipped cream, napolitanke cookies, cherries and cherry brandy! 147 more words

Here we go . . . .

Today was a lotion day! I spent the day in the kitchen, making Orange and Frankincense Intensive Cream. I wish that everyone could smell it right now. 160 more words


Icy Summer

While we currently have a lull with quite low temperatures the summer is far from over, the next heatwave is bound to hit and so it seems fitting that the… 197 more words


My Top 5 go-to winter products

Welcoming winter in 2019 has been such a struggle especially for everyone who is new in Cape Town. As much as this is a bit of a problem, I have just the products to get you through winter. 717 more words


Cherry panna cotta

For a long time, I thought cherries were the size of hazelnuts, the colour of Comic Relief noses and only used to decorate Mr Kipling cakes, which is hard to believe considering I was a fruit aficionado from such a young age. 696 more words


Banoffee Pie

In all my time baking, I realised recently that I had never made a banoffee pie! This seemed like a serious oversight so it was time to rectify! 150 more words