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Christmas Was Made For (Homemade) Chocolates...

Well, it looks like we are getting ever-so-closer to the most spirited holiday season of all, the season that is known as the Christmas season; Among the gifts that people give and receive during this very special season are the food gifts, and one of the most popular food gifts are, of course, chocolates…Yes, while most of you are thinking about getting the store-bought kind, especially in the short days we have left until Christmas, there are others who would rather not waste their money doing so by simply deciding on making their own homemade chocolates, because, let’s face it, they are fun to make, if one learns how to make them right… 153 more words


Body Shop, Vitamin C range

Dull, tried, grumpy skin? This caught my eye when I was just having a little browse through in Body Shop.  Also how classy is the packaging? 352 more words


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Glutathione: From acne to wrinkle treatment with whitening benefits:

Practically every person’s especially every woman and girl’s wish to become beautiful is well known. 316 more words

L`Occitane Beauty Box

Morning my dear readers! This Thursday I come with a new post which is about some of my favorite L`Occitane products. Read more if you care to know. 434 more words


Accidentally cosmetic - A top 5

These are items you most probably have in the house but may not associate with putting on your make up or looking after your skin. Well, open your eyes lovely people! 716 more words


Refills and Remakes

I realized about mid week this last week that I was almost out of some of my favorite things — Peach Hair Conditioner and Butter Mints Body Butter… 761 more words


Kraken Slime - A big NOPE

With my recent success at making an emulgel and learning that it is not a true “gel cream” because my emulgel contained a traditional emulsifier (Polawax) along with carbomer instead of using all polymeric emulsifiers, I was left thinking all week long about how to accomplish a true “gel cream”. 422 more words