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Not Going To Worry About It Today

Sometimes when I get stressed out I just need a little break…..so I create. I finished a book page wreath last night and watched an episode of Outlander. 295 more words


Mourning Moon | Sojourn . Cherish . Release

Sojourn . Cherish . Release

Mourning Moon

Whether easy or painful, life is a series of cycles, transitions and change.

The full moon offers us one of the most readily available alluring reminders of cycles. 160 more words

Nourish . Self Care

Into the Flow---Arts.

We encourage the beauty in art and creativity so we have a special page dedicated to creations of the soul-if it can be uploaded digitally we will feature your art and creations. 40 more words

Heart Path

Getting back to old hobbies (and a lesson in jewellery photography)

Coming to the end of my teenage years has encouraged me to reflect on where I was at the start of them.  As anyone would expect, I’ve changed a lot, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to reminisce and drag out things I used to love, if nothing else, for old times’ sake. 566 more words


#NaBloPoMo #25: My impatience caught up to it's conscience, again.

For now here’s some poetry what I wrote on 23/11/15 when I should have been asleep, in wee hours of morning, as I lay visiting an old site of comparison and worth, put on a pedestal to keep allowing myself to hurt; 327 more words

Blog 2015

If I Were Building A Gallery?

The above graphic goes back a few years to a time when I was just beginning to wade into more serious waters concerning my photo and graphic work. 169 more words


mysql create users and grant privileges

## Create user; You can change localhost for ip or domain of your database server.

create user 'user'@'localhost' identified by 'password';

## Grant privileges to a existent user, where all may be substituted for , * may be substituted for especific table name. 18 more words