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Self-Publishing Fatigue

Ok so get this………

I am not just a writer I’m also an illustrator and doing the two is not easy especially when you gotta go take time off to get your material. 429 more words

The Four Kinds of Indie Author

When I first entered the world of indie writers/publishing, I was dazzled. I thought anyone who published, published good books. I mean, I hadn’t been exposed to anything but traditionally published books, so of course, I was naive and not aware that with self-publishing, there isn’t a gatekeeper, and people can, and did, publish whatever they wanted. 1,097 more words


Head 'em up, move 'em out

CreateSpace still can’t get their act together. In fact, they’ve taken a step backward. I had retired a title in order to replace it with the new edition published under my imprint, Abstruse & Louche. 237 more words


Third Book In The Works

I don’t have any details, but today I began working on my third book. More to follow.


Interlude: Busy Week

Stand by for more excuses and whining.

Nah, nothing much going on for the moment. Very busy at work, no chance to write more Creepy and Hatboy right now, and still waiting for my stupid editors’ drafts (the drafts are stupid, not the editors). 236 more words

Office Posts, Random

Typesetting for print copies

After finishing the e-book and cover and uploading them to Amazon, the next step was to prepare the manuscript for print copies. In my case, for Createspace or KDP, but there are other print-on-demand services out there, such as IngramSpark. 1,108 more words


I love Amazon, but…

I love looking through amazon, finding books, movies, and just stuff.  They are my go-to vendor of choice…however…

As an author, I must protest at their arbitrary censoring of material (lesbian fiction) and erotica.  635 more words

Just For The Heck Of It!