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Minecraft Picture Books for Early Readers

I’ve been looking for good quality Minecraft picture books for my 5 year old, but it seems that all that’s out there is for 7+. So I said screw it, and made some. 48 more words


Free To Roam (Or Not Limited to Amazon Anymore)

Not sports-related or anything, but Loving Ashe is now a “free agent!”

It really just means it’s no longer part of Kindle Select, which requires the book to only be available from Amazon for each 90 day stint.   66 more words

Loving Ashe

Day 25. Five resources you'd recommend to anyone who wants to get into your industry. #crazyrebelliousart

Hmm, well I don’t have just one “industry.”

For writing, I recommend CreateSpace if you’d like to self-publish. You can have them do an editorial review of your work for a reasonable price, and answer all sorts of valuable questions that serve as a sanity check for whether you really do have a good book to offer the world. 76 more words


Book Review: Taking the Reins by Matthew Harrop

What’s it about?

Will and Daniel, two college students fed up with the injustices they witness each day, decide to they take matters into their own hands and right a wrong. 593 more words

Book Reviews

6 Formatting Tips for Smashwords, Kindle, and CreateSpace

Ugh. Formatting. There is not a single Anglo-Saxon epithet vile enough to do it justice. I hate formatting. I loathe it down to the very toenails of my soul. 986 more words

Cathleen Townsend

The Spaceship Next Door-- Full Cover

As you (probably) know, the print editions of books need full covers, which can actually be super-annoying, because full covers are A: more expensive, B: require words to be put on the back, and C: have to match the dimensions of the physical book once it’s been produced. 313 more words


New and improved paperback cover

Hi, everyone,

Just a quick update – I finished fiddling with my cover and uploaded all files to CreateSpace! To remind you, this is what the old cover looked like: 368 more words