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Carnivore -> Keto -> IF -> OMAD

Though I haven;t seen a scale since I started, I was able to put on a shirt today that I couldnt two weeks ago cos it was too tight under my arms. 391 more words

Creating Memories

Keto + IF observations

Fourth day on IF, 12th day on carnivore/ keto. Weaned myself off all regular tea and all coffee prior to starting this dietary intake.

Interim results: 215 more words

Creating Memories

Fro'back Friday May 11, 2013

Five years ago, the mother of my children gave me a thoughtful birthday gift – a day fishing with an expert fly fisherman and lessons. We were given an address (or GPS co-ords) and it was an hours drive out of the city. 64 more words

Creating Memories

7 + 10 years ago.

May 3, 2011. I was taken out for a surprise eggs benny brekfast by a girl I had met that morning at a fancy restaurant downtown. 88 more words

Creating Memories

Carnivore vs Keto. Updated daily at end.

I’ve learned that some of the things I consider to be absolute gold, start to dull in the next day or so after having some extra time to process and ruminate. 1,328 more words

Creating Memories

Time for a diet change. 107.5kgs.

Dear Kev – yes, I think I told you I weighed 110kgs. That was a best guess based on my intuition of myself, and boyo was I close. 931 more words

Creating Memories