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The Gamut

Over the course of my 43 years of living, I’ve been encouraged several times by several people I respect, to write a book. My experiences in life have been extremely wide ranging, and life altering. 457 more words

Creating Memories

When Shadows Threaten

Most of my life has been in the shadow of someone else. Whether this was a real person, or a fictitious nemesis, there was always something to outdo me; to outshine me. 292 more words

My First Time Having................

As boring and stale as this may sound to you, just very recently, I had my very first outing where I had drinks. Who else to share the experience with than YOU. 438 more words

Personal Experiences

Money makes the world go round

As most fathers who have gone through divorce or separation in this country can attest, using a lawyer (just about mandatory) is the most debilitating financial action one can go through. 854 more words

Creating Memories

It's my blog and I'll write what I want to...

An ode to an old song, with creative license intact, inc.

Recently, I’ve been fretting ever so hard about how to get a place for myself and my daughters. 538 more words

Creating Memories

I have no time- Overcoming an employee problem..!

Hello everyone. M back again with another post. This time I want to address a problem which every working class faces. The problem is “I have no time”, “I don’t know when the sun rises and when it gets dark”, “My home is just a crashing spot where I sleep n wake up to go back to my job”. 321 more words


And its all come to an end...

On September 20, my ex fiance took my our children and left the farm without my knowing about it. She wanted a separation and whilst I was out in the field planting Willow trees she left on the auspices of going to the Doctor with the girls. 117 more words

Creating Memories