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Do we really need a guest book at our wedding?

The short, simple answer to this question is no. No, you do not NEED a guest book, but I’m going to ask you to consider the reasons why I think you might like a ZonziLove Guest Book. 1,797 more words

Creating Memories

Postcard Challenge Part IV: August Challenge Comes to an End!

Hello lovelies!

So, can you believe it? It’s the last day of August! Have you had a chance to send a postcard this month? If not, there’s still time to grab one, compose something charming and drop it in the mail. 335 more words

August Postcard Challenge

Quick trip to San Sebatian

A few months ago, we took Paul to the sea museum “Musee de la Mer” and he absolutely loved it. Although while we were there he didn’t seem very interested, on our way home and during the following weeks he kept on telling us stories about fish. 180 more words

Being Human

When a Bubble Guppy goes from a mystery to a memory

Life is a perplexing thing.   There is no rhyme nor reason to the circumstances of our daily existence.  If there were a giant book of instructions and an elongated list of logic explaining the happenings in our lives it would be in a language nobody could decipher. 479 more words


Happy Anniversary!

Last time I posted about how important words are in a marriage, but let’s not forget the importance of actions. It’s all well and good saying things, and even writing them down, but it’s quite another actually acting on these words. 313 more words

Creating Memories

My 8 Photos of Happiness

Thank you to the wonderful, talented and beautiful Ms Mistry for tagging me in to join the ‘My 8 Photos of Happiness’ fun and games.  I am beyond excited as I absolutely love photos and the memories they bring back, which meant a good three hours mulling over hundreds of photos while laughing, crying and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I found a brow pencil in 2010! 1,636 more words

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