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4 years ago today.

Well, 4 years ago, two days ago.

I cooked breakfast and decided to be creative. Here’s a bundle of delicious goodness.

We went looking at property in the foot hills just before the Rockies. 195 more words

Creating Memories

Three years ago today.

As I awake from yet another dream about my ex and all that is wrong about it (and the dreams I have that she has started relations with another man/ men/ woman – on average 1 – 5 dreams a week for months now), I wake to start work on an early Sunday morning at 430am. 706 more words

Creating Memories

Three epic quotes.

“So being ugly is a sin? Some people are forced to wear it on the outside through no fault of their own, others wear it on the inside by choice.” 31 more words

Creating Memories

Skye at Strong Start today...

And a playground visit on the school grounds while recess was in full swing to get (all my girls) acquainted with boisterous kids with the comfort of having their Dad there for them if it all got overwhelming (which happened). 130 more words

Creating Memories

And.. Maude Lewis on film!

Wonderful Youtube trailer here: Nova Scotia! Nova Scotia! Nova Scotia!

How I miss you today Nova Scotia, and the farm. Wide open spaces, winter chill in the air, all the pastures, all the work, all the trees, all the snow, all the crispness of wind blown in off the ocean. Family.

Creating Memories

Recognising your own demons/ faults.

“I’m perfect!”

“Its all your fault!”
Thinking back, these are statements, half jokes and jokes I would make with my ex.

Sometimes I would purposely make a ridiculous joke out of when I clearly knew “x transgression” was my fault in an attempt to make my loved one laugh, and lighten the mood. 487 more words

Creating Memories