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How To Create New Habits With 1 Easy Step

How To Create New Habits With 1 Easy Step

Shouts to the brother Raeshad Beats <(Click His Name To Check Out His Stuff)

I’m definitely on the same page with this, it’s time for us to develop habits that are good for us and get rid of the bad ones, but i’ll let him explain it in more depth in the video below, make sure to subscribe to his channel also!


Beginning the Change

Some time ago I came across a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which says “Be the change you want to see in the world “. I could understand that idea and yet I had a problem with it. 570 more words

Month two: Create a backdrop for your life.

October is month two of my life project. Last month I focused on making small life changes that would bring about more energy, more energy that would help provide me with the staying power to see this project through. 601 more words

Life Project

Sometimes it is the small changes that make the most significant impact.

I have been reflecting a lot on the progress made so far these past two weeks. While it has only been 2 weeks I certainly feel different. 815 more words

Life Project

10 Tips on How to Work From Home

It has been almost a month since I decided to renounce my conventional 9 to 5 life and pursue my nagging professional goals as if someone was already paying me a substantial salary to do it. 598 more words

Being 30

Gaining the energy to change my life

Month one is all about preparation. I am going to need energy and a new mindset in order to be able to approach an entire year of conscious living (ultimately I hope that my entire life will be conscious but for now, let’s aim for one year!). 1,088 more words

Life Project

Bring in the new and out (hopefully) with the old!

I’m just back from very relaxing 5 days over the hill at my Mum’s.   With a fairly haphazard internet connection (actually that is probably being overly generous) I was un-able to get into my e-mails or work easily for the whole time and…….  481 more words

Becoming Healthy