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Feb. 29th - A "Bonus" Day to Leap Forward

Yey! We get a “bonus” day today (Feb. 29th) because 2016 is a leap year. This got me thinking and asking myself – What would I do i… 342 more words

Taking inventory

By Caitlin Kelly

It’s a normal and essential activity in retail — where I worked part-time for 2.5 years from 2007 to 2009, (and the subject of my last book. 1,204 more words


The 5 Year Plan

Have you ever been to a job interview and they ask “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”? It’s an overwhelming question that most of us face and very few can answer honestly. 749 more words

6 Tips for a Positive Day

I found myself drifting off in thought the other night after my kids had gone to bed. I was burned out from the day’s events and my brain decided it was time for a break. 1,163 more words

Day by Day

I step outside. The deck feels oddly cold under my bare feet. Strange for a summers morn. The clouds look threatening. It has rained heavy for many days and it seems the storm has unfinished business in this corner of the universe. 633 more words


My fingernails preferred France

My hair did not like France. The water was very hard, and my thick curls were in a constant tangle. I finally figured out that I could rip through it with my comb while it was dry just before taking a shower, which minimized the frustration. 754 more words

New Balance for a New Year


Here you are, and everyone has wonderful intentions of doing better. We have hopefully made our peace with all that 2015 embodied and are well on our way to a successful 2016. 410 more words