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Make A Commitment

When you make a strong commitment or bond with a person, business or company you leave no room for someone or something else to slip through the cracks. 78 more words


Managing Your Email

One great way to manage your email volume is to delete them after reading them. Other wise the amount of emails that you have can quickly spin out of control.


Be Unique But Work Together

I love this animal compilation of unlikely pairs working together. Work Together!


One Flower & One Water Bottle


One Flower


One Water Bottle

Can Brighten Up Dark Spaces.

Try this when you can’t get out the house and enjoy nature.


Keep it at 100 Doesn't Have to Equal Brutality

What is your Brand? We are all made up of multiple brands.

Some peoples brand is Honesty.

Honesty is important but being brutally honest is not beneficial in every circumstance. 33 more words


I Am Not Your Enemy

Amongst all the confusion, the gossip and the rumors of life sometimes people need to hear… “I Am Not Your Enemy”

Putting people at ease right when they need it keeps everyone in the right frame of mind.