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Change Your Thoughts And You Can Change The World!

“You determine what your world will be. Your decisions and your thoughts influence your reality. It all depends on what you choose to make it. ¬†You can soar to unbelievable heights, you can experience success and happiness beyond belief or you can settle for okay. 585 more words

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Stop! Distractions And Judgements Cause You To Fail

“With so much unrest in current affairs it is easy to get caught up. It is downright seductive. It is a major distraction. How much time is lost, spent finding out about, watching, worrying and fearing the worst about our present day affairs? 669 more words

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Live Now How You Want To Be Living Later

I wrote yesterday about celebrating my 1000th consecutive published blog post.Today, is 1001. I point this out because when I undertook writing it was not without some difficulty. 811 more words

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Today Is A Day Of Celebration

Today, I celebrate 1000 consecutive, published blog posts! BOOM! If truth be told I have another 208 unpublished drafts sitting in the wings. If you are a reader of my blog, subscriber or follower, please help me celebrate by leaving a comment and a like here today! 530 more words

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Expert Reveals: How You Can Accelerate Manifesting Good Things In Your Life

“Can we speed up the process, if that’s possible? Must we change step by step or can we make some leaps? How can we most easily and readily transform ourselves and our reality? 753 more words

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Overcome This Tendency And You Can Create The Future Your Want!

“There is something that holds most people back from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Some people worry, have fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that they succumb to instead of champion over. 1,027 more words

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Are You Able To Answer These Questions?

Ok, I admit it. I tricked you. Want to know how? I will be happy to share in a moment. First, did you write down your answers to the questions I posed the other day and today? 593 more words

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