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The Second Powerful Way Of Seeing You Must Utilize And Why

Have you worked with the first way to visualize? I hope so. Get good with it, if you aren’t already. Practice, become deliberate with your imagination. 874 more words

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This Is Why You Don't Always Get What You Want!

“How come it isn’t happening for me? Ever ask yourself that? I do all the right things but nothing seems to work. You have tried, quit, tried again, perhaps. 834 more words

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If You Don't Do These Few Important Things You Won't Get What You

“The principles I have mentioned numerous times in my blog posts are these. What you see is what you get. What you say is what you get. 812 more words

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The First Powerful Way Of Seeing You Must Utilize And Why

“Do you spend time purposefully visualizing ? If not, it is a practice you will want to embrace. It is so important that you do. Deliberately imagining what you want and how you want it sets your creative mind working  to get it. 666 more words

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The Secrets To Seeing What You Want And Getting It

“Successful people, through the ages, have always been ones with vision. They have been those who used their imaginations and their ability to visualize themselves as successful prior to reaching the successes they desired in everyday life.   447 more words

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Use This Little Know Secret Today To Stop Life From Sucking And Get What You Want

“There are many things people attempt in order to create the future they want. Some work some don’t. Want to know what DOES work? Read on as I elaborate on my previous post. 684 more words

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How To Change Or Eliminate Prior Past Conditioning So You Can Get What You Want

“What your life is like today is the result of prior past conditioning and decisions. You learned and co-opted beliefs and values from others while growing up. 2,382 more words

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