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Reimagine the Shape of Progress

For years I understood that it is only with boundaries that we can build sustainably. In this entertaining and passionate TED talk, Kate Raworth, confirms a lot of my believes about the world economy, and she challenges me to think further. 66 more words

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How You Deprive Yourself And Others!

“Do you shortchange yourself? Many do? You want something but decide you can’t afford it. Perhaps, you don’t have the money or you think it is wasteful, or you think you don’t deserve it? 605 more words

Self Improvement

If You Think You Are Beaten You Are!

“When things seem discouraging as the sometimes will, do not be discouraged. That is when it IS important to keep the faith. Trust in the invisible coming to pass, that which you want to create and make happen. 382 more words

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How To Make Everything In Your Life Work Together For The Best!

“The key to success and happiness is to know what you want. Then to make it happen. Create and attract what you want. Don’t wait for it to come for you. 428 more words

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What To Do When You Can't Do Anything About It

“It is over and done. There is no more. Nothing can change it. Do you get this yet? The past is over and done. It is gone. 380 more words

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A Rut Differs From A Grave Only In Depth

“You are either expanding or contracting. You either experience increase or decrease. A plant is either growing or dying. If you aren’t moving forward, if you are stuck in a rut, then it is not much different than a grave. 456 more words

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Your Vision Becomes Prophecy

“What more can be said. This quote I share says it all. The power you seek is within you. If you can imagine it you can make it happen. 300 more words

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