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A Rut Differs From A Grave Only In Depth

“You are either expanding or contracting. You either experience increase or decrease. A plant is either growing or dying. If you aren’t moving forward, if you are stuck in a rut, then it is not much different than a grave. 456 more words

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Your Vision Becomes Prophecy

“What more can be said. This quote I share says it all. The power you seek is within you. If you can imagine it you can make it happen. 300 more words

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That Fussy Law Of Creation And How To Get It To Work!

“Imagine you want to build a statue. You conceive of a statue of a tree. You gather the materials and begin to work. The you think, better if it were a bird. 488 more words

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You Only Need To Ask Once Damnit!

“You only need to ask once. Yes, I know, some of you have had children and are in the habit of asking them to do something many times. 540 more words

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The Big Secret: Why You Don't Have What You Want!

“Do you not yet have what you want? Do you feel you are missing out? Are you plagued with debt, lack, ill health or unhappiness? Would you prefer your lot in life changed for the better? 590 more words

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This Is Why You Aren't Getting What You Want!

“You manifest your thoughts by your conviction. You manifest exactly into your life what you are convinced of. If you’re convinced it’ll be tough, that you experience lack, debt and hardship then so be it. 584 more words

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Why You Aren't Getting What You Want!

“Is there something you really, really want but you have not got it yet? You think about it day and night. You affirm and visualize it. 512 more words

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