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Characteristics Of The Success or Failure: Which Fits You?

“Can you be successful in your career? Is it in the cards for you? Will you make your dreams come true? Are you be the kind of person who makes it happen? 696 more words

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Wrapping Up 2015

Despite little activity on this page in 2015, it’s been a busy year. Too busy, it turned out, to devote much time to blogging. But if there had been enough hours in each day, there would have been posts sharing the ups and downs, excitements, challenges, and experiences that made up the last 12 months… 207 more words



Yesterday, was a really lovely day!  In my cozy sanctuary, my Ohana gathered to be in the good company of each other.  My always-funny, sometimes-outrageous and ever-loving sons; their wisely-chosen and equally-compelling partners; and long-time, close friends gathered for good food, great conversation and side-splitting stories of long-ago mishaps and adventures! 585 more words

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What The Athlete Knows And Does That You Don't Is Critical!

“I consult for movies,TV, online digital content, actors etc. and showbiz. Of course, I act, produce and direct too. I also consult for others from all walks of life as a mentor and coach. 946 more words

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What Excuses Do You Keep Using?

“Are you busy? Do you sometimes get caught up? Do you have difficulty making ends meet? Is life not everything you hope it would be? If you are like most people then, yep, you struggle. 504 more words

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The Number 1 Reason Why You Aren't Getting Results Even Though You Know What To Do

“Is life a struggle? How is the career going? Are you happy? Is your relationship fulfilling you? Are you doing what you want to be doing? 463 more words

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How To Get More Than You Ask Or Plan For

“One of the best things you can do for yourself is define what you want. Be specific. Know precisely what that is. You might even have a deadline for when it is to be accomplished. 488 more words

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