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The Heavens Declare

For the next couple months every Monday I’m going to be discussing the solar system, each planet, and how it shows the glory of God. 371 more words


These are my favorite types of evidence for creation, the ones that make for gorgeous pictures! When you drive past great ridges of every color you get the feeling that the God we love is an artist of tremendous magnitude. 393 more words


Back From Vacation

I’m back from vacation now, refreshed, renewed, and ready to proclaim the Good News!

It’s amazing to me what a blessing fellowship with other believers can be. 327 more words

Creation Science

A Book Review of Buried Alive

This is a book review of Jack Cuozzo’s book Buried Alive the Startling, Untold Story About Neanderthal Man.

Jack Cuozzo is an orthodontist that went on the adventure of a life time in this true story. 102 more words


Fossil Friday - Lucy the Knuckle Walker

It’s imparitive to begin with acknoledging that, despite popular opinion, all scientists admit that Lucy, or Australopithecus afarensis, has nothing to do with the so called ‘evolution’ of mankind. 414 more words

Creation Science

Why does it matter? - Evolutionism vs Creationism

Is refuting evolutionism important for the believer, or is it ok to side step over this issue?

First, let me say that every member of the body of Christ has its own individual calling, their own unique gifts that enable them to perform that calling. 292 more words


Noah: Man of Resolve (The Remnant Trilogy - Book 2) by Tim Chaffey and K Marie Adams. New Leaf Publishing Group (2017)

Noah is one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. If Noah: Man of Destiny is an origins story, Noah: Man of Resolve is his coming of age story, a chance for our hero to test his mettle and, well, his resolve in the face of escalating conflict. 460 more words

Book Review