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Molecular Machines - Wrapping It Up

Well beloved brethren there seems to be no end to the amazing molecular machines within our bodies. We could continue this series for a year or more! 268 more words


Homeschool Resources - Free Easter Lessons and Field Trip Updates

Hello, and happy Saturday, friends! Our brothers and sisters over at Answers in Genesis have released a wonderful Easter lesson plan for free. The lesson plan comes with four different downloads, each specified to age. 308 more words


Answers News - March 12th and 15th

Here is your weekly Answers News update, beloved.

In Monday’s episode Ken, Dr. Purdom, and Boddie discuss cannibalism, Cheddar Man, and more.

In Thursday’s episode Dr. 90 more words


8 Things in Christianity Which are Not Dealbreakers

…It is my argument that often – far too often – conservative Christians become identified with issues that, while important, do not make or break our faith.

247 more words

Evolutionist claims refuted by creationists (again)

I think I’ve used this first quote before, but according to the Skeptic’s Dictionary:

However, when the entire scientific community has been proved to be wrong in the past it has been proved to be wrong by other scientists, not pseudoscientists .

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Molecular Machines - Clathrin

This series on molecular mechanisms was only supposed to be a month long, but as I dig further and further into these amazing creations I find more to discuss with you. 442 more words

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Answers News Catch Up

Beloved, I’m going to start doing once a week posts with links to Answers In Genesis’ Answers News. This week there’s a few extra videos, as Ken Ham and Dr. 66 more words