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Geography Matters, Illustrated by Pronghorns, Mountain Goats, and Old Testament Warfare

Geography Matters, Illustrated  by Pronghorns, Mountain Goats,   and  Old  Testament  Warfare

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

And the wild beasts of the field are mine.  2,497 more words


Book Review: The Chronicles of Adonai by Braxton Hunter

Chronicles of Adonai tells the story of a post apocalyptic dystopian society. The leaders of the society, known as the adon (singular) and adonai (plural), have removed the concept of God. 296 more words


Mutations: a problem for evolution

We’re breaking down.

As Dr. John Sanford outlines in this presentation, there are two conflicting worldviews at battle in out culture:

1) we as a species are naturally going up… 322 more words

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Pathfinders: Evolution and Creation Science

Walt Brown gives a very reasonable explanation of the creation flood in his Hydroplate Theory and though this is a large document it was designed for school and college students as a text-book. 159 more words

Tim LaHaye Has Left Us Behind

Noted American evangelical pastor, author, and activist Dr. Tim LaHaye died on July 25 at the age of 90. LaHaye was best-known for his Left Behind series of end-times novels. 412 more words

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In pondering questions for an answer to account for our existence, our inclination is to either a supernatural explanation, or scientific one. For the person inclined to a supernatural spiritual explanation, right or wrong, there is no apparent problem. 14,574 more words

Big Bang

Epic Epicurus 

Recently I was asked this question on my Q/A post on my Instagram page (@the_creation_teen). At first I must confess that I was rather perplexed by the question. 462 more words