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Monday Fossils - The Big Bang Theory

Along with some pretty spectacular fossil finds, I want to talk about a metaphorical fossil. The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang was so deeply ingrained in evolutionary thinking that it even has its own show named after it! 937 more words


Monday Fossils - My Personal Favorite

Let’s try for Mondays as a good day to tear down every high and lofty thought that sets itself up against the truth, shall we? I think it would have sounded much more seminary like to have done this one Friday (Friday Fossils, lovely ring to it) however we might have to settle with thinking of a better name for Mondays. 740 more words


WHY, how, where, and what's of HOMESCHOOLING

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the how, where, and what’s of our homeschooling journey lets start with the ever so scandalous why? 953 more words


Seminar in Vyborg

Seminar in Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Vyborg. The seminar was mostly attended by youth. Its topic was “Apologetics as the mean of evangelism”.

Comparison of two points of view: creationism and evolutionary theory. 214 more words


The Big Bang and Genesis

When I was a seminary student, we had the privilege of having Dr. Margaret Helder as a guest speaker.  Having grown up in Edmonton, Dr. Helder was not a stranger to me.  476 more words

Genesis 1

Creation Science Ministry

A public lecture “How Did Our World Appear?” by Igor Savich took place in St. Anna’s Church. About 25 people attended it. Igor Savich told that there are two points of view on how our World appeared. 127 more words


Recent Study: Does the Earth Make Water in Its Upper Mantle?

How the Earth Could Make Water in Its Upper Mantle

Did you see the recent study on the possibility of how the Earth makes water? 615 more words

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