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A Deeply Seeded Misunderstanding

Whenever I feel listless, a passing depression, I can always go to AiG to inflame my passions (the floweriest way to reaffirm my living, if only to be angry at people purposefully misrepresenting my views, and the views of my peers). 995 more words


Atlas Moth - Master of Deception

Looking at the above picture, you might see a moth with a unique wing pattern. You may not see the cobra heads on each side, at the tips, and you may not notice how much they look like the poisonous snake. 303 more words

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Scales vs. Feathers

Although these structures seem quite different from the horny scales that cover a reptile’s body, the difference is in reality not very great. — Alfred Romer said in “Man and the Vertebraes”

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The Hope of Creation

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

“For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” (Romans 8:22 KJV).

Having recently taken our family pet dog to the veterinarian, I was reminded again that the curse of sin affects… 348 more words

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Go Against the Flow

The words “you have a very vivid imagination” are very familiar to me. As a child I was overly inquisitive, constantly stifled, and overlooked. I asked too many of the wrong questions at all the wrong times. 300 more words


Bigger and Warmer

Note: In our Animal Defense series, we have looked at how animals defend themselves from other predators. This time, though, I want to highlight how God made animals with the ability to protect themselves from non-living forces. 370 more words

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