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San; The half-truth of the three

Everyone believes. From everything to nothing. To some, some things are everything to others they are nothing.

Boy, said the old man I have something to tell you, but before that I will have to show you something else. 293 more words


from smoke

hold the wires of their brain
together, creating sparks
to collect smoke, dust, and dark
into a musical melody
to paint light across the night… 39 more words



Problem creation

Students dancing to my tune

Nutcracker indeed!  :P


Sacred role of women: Vision and Creation

There’s a story of a woman who was celebrating the new political position of her husband becoming the new City Mayor.

The parade had begun, the wife of the newly elected Mayor sat proudly on the backseat of their convertible. 460 more words

God's Wonderful Design

If created things are seen and handled as gifts of God and as mirrors of His glory, they need not be occasions of idolatry – if our delight in them is always also a delight in their Maker. 752 more words



How does it happen that some ideas pop into my head? Where does the so called inspiration come from? Some thoughts are so brilliant that make their recipients great discoverers and steal their names and give to theories. 288 more words