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Relation between Creator and His Creation

Loving the One and Only Creator (God) is a key and crucial factor for our success.

We can only love God, if we love His creation and this could be possible only if we observe and love the rhythm produced by seas & winds. 455 more words



THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD. Did you ever notice how astronomers and NASA scientists (and their media friends) are so desperate to find evidence of extraterrestrial life? 618 more words


Ecological Conversion

Today, September 1st, Pope Francis asks Catholics and all people to pray for the care of creation, the subject of his recent encyclical “Laudato Si.” We may need to pray, if recent surveys are right that claim that American Catholics aren’t much interested in the pope’s recent encyclical. 498 more words


Unsocial Media and the Letting go of the familiar D20

Last Saturday I ran my first Into the Nexus game using the Cortex+ system. It was kind of nerve wracking. I have been working on this game for so long in the familiar D20 system that I was worried it wouldn’t go well or that my players wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves as much. 653 more words


Church Q & A: Part 1

Barry talks through a few questions brought up at a recent “stump the preacher” session at a church service.


To download audio right-click the following link: Chruch Q & A: Part 1

Christian Life

The most important thing I learned this summer

Early on in my summer experience working at a children’s home, I sat in the corner of a room, listening to a woman tell a teenage girl who is struggling with her sexuality that she just needs to read the Bible, because God is clear in the Bible how… 1,260 more words