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EVIL: Seeds

And so the process of separation was complete.

Night could now bow to the rising sun.  Seas could caress the dry land.  Birds could watch the grass below for any signs of food. 1,411 more words

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The concept of time fascinates me. Einstein talked of other dimensions, planes, and how time moves/influences a thing depending on where one is. (Don’t stone me, if I’ve gotten Einstein’s concept wrong. 234 more words


April 22, 2018?

An Earth Day question of response-ability

‘Twas in that beginning (that was before the beginning
of time’s counting),
formless darkness
covering the hallowed hollowness
of the deep, 278 more words


Four - Understand Our Purpose – pg. 111

April 22

“It was good…”

In our study of the first chapter of Genesis, we note that all of creation was made in six days. In each of the six days of creation, God brings another aspect of His plan into the mix. 416 more words

Augustine: Allegory in Genesis 1

Some of you might remember an extract from my first play, CHRISTIAN, that I published here a while back. Since then, things have been going well in playwriting world – my first play has been performed, my second is in pre-production, I’ve nearly finished writing my third, and I’m actively planning my fourth. 1,085 more words


21. Air Show

The wind swept in all gusty and blustery
and trees danced while snow deliquesced
and puddles stretched while ditches ran
and the birds, the whimsical birds, 14 more words

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