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This current creation belongs to believers. It is they who “Inherit the Earth”. But that which they will inherit from this present creation, will be its perfecting, and their place in it will be as those who are perfected after a period of probation, who have proved to be faithful to the promise, the promise of life, and the revealing of that life that they possess through faith in Jesus. 196 more words


Owning your Results

Majority of men are living a life of quite desperation said Thoreau.

Chasing cash & status and consumer goods. While never realising the why of what they want. 199 more words


Lee's Three Word Wednesday - 6/28/17




“These were thy merchants in all sorts of things, in blue clothes, and broidered work, and in chests of rich apparel, bound with cords, and made of cedar, among thy merchandise.
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Passions and Projects

When I first moved to Cedar Rapids, it was a HUGE change for me, especially the church aspect. My hometown church that I had attended forever was relatively small. 584 more words

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Wikipedia Poem, No. 518
   resting ice 
   daily and loved 

you sleep without words 
   will all the mottles claim 
   staying did nothing   about straying
without all the uncontrollable 
   head space 
   beside takeout ambulance words

will the large black supple magazines 
   sunglass in the night sun   kabloom
   swiftly he needs to know

how small is this husbandry
   in the supermodels brain of god 
   it is not dependable all this blue flailing

for medicine beef commercial value? 194 more words

earning trust

This is a beautiful veteran German Shepherd. I fell in love the minute I laid my eyes upon her. She did not feel the same way, though. 372 more words