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When Creators Are Outmatched By Consumers: Mario Maker Could Be Bad For Nintendo

Letting the customer have a go at creating levels or what have you has proven to be quite an interesting step for many games. Steam lets players weave together all sorts of visual modifications into certain games with comical results, Garry’s Mod lets people create various modes and maps to play in. 915 more words


Do you never tire?

Oh Father,

Do you never tire?

Tire of feet trampling your creation

Hearts hardened towards other beings,

Mouths that always forget to praise?

Do you never tire? 105 more words


46 - Whispers

Still confused as to what happened after eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation, you look around again for Haythem. Where was he and the other Mercenary? You consider listening to get more information, but the longer this situation continues, the more likely the school will be informed. 543 more words



all the inconvenience your distance causes for the few
will be payed back tenfold for the many

Genesis 2:18, The foundations of a Biblical Marriage (Part 1): There is No Such Thing as a “Help-Mate”

And Yahweh Elohim said, “Not good the man be to his self! I will appoint him [ezer] as his opposite.” (Genesis 2:18, my interpretation)

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Scrolls in a Bottle...

I was hesitant at first about this. This was so unlike what I usually write. And also, it is so unlike me to grab hold of a microphone and shout out messages to the world. 409 more words

The Ocean (A Parable)

I recently took a trip to the sunshine state of California alongside my wife with the intention of getting some much needed rest and relaxation from our everyday lives. 811 more words