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Good Times – A Friendship Haiku

What can I say? I love my friends. Not all relationships stand the test of time, but after more than twenty years since we first met, the Triad, as we’ve come to call ourselves, is still as close as can be (not counting the physical distance, of course). 107 more words


Living God's Creative Story

Today is the first day of spring. For someone who is not a fan of winter weather, snow, or cold temperatures the announcement of spring weather has come brings with it the sounds of rejoicing and celebration. 847 more words

Christian Leadership

Steal my sunshine- Wise Project 2019 #Naked Wednesday

I had a great day yesterday, one of those days that makes you feel filled up. I was talking with a friend that has a lot of exciting things going on and then I met another friend for coffee that is on a new and exciting journey and I felt such immense excitement for the two of them. 957 more words


I came to love words more and hate the heavy hands that knocked them about

The bad influences I tried to remove and renounced bit by bit, shadow by shadow, echo by echo, through trial and error, through delight and disgust and misgiving, as I came to love words more and hate the heavy hands that knocked them about, the thick tongues that had no feel for their multitudinous tastes, the dull and boring hacks who flattened them out into a colourless and insipid paste, the pedants who made them moribund and pompous as themselves.

Dylan Thomas, “Poetic Manifesto”

Do you hear what I hear?

I closed my eyes in the struggle to quiet my thoughts and settle my heart. I was having trouble this morning finding the stillness within to ponder a bit of scripture, to make space for the Spirit to illumine the words before me. 302 more words

Spiritual Formation

The Garden of Earthly Delights. At least that's its name this century.

Last week I began a new, hopefully, weekly bit of a challenge and cultural growth posting called “Guess That Art!” In this challenge you’re not to cheat but to see if you know what it is and comment, comment about what you think of the art, and even write a piece of poetry inspired by the art and share it through a link in the comments. 389 more words


Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?

J. Warner Wallace explains the theories that have been proposed to salvage an eternally-past universe, that is a universe without a beginning. If atheists can somehow salvage a universe without a beginning, they can take away a strong inference to God. 29 more words