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A Letter To The One I Used To Love

The time of a different me.

Back then, a long while back.

Well not that long ago.

Yet still quite some time has passed by. 167 more words

The World Of Poetry

Creation is amazing 

Grass with a tree branch on the floor and a lion cub standing looking slightly to the left of the pic and another one which I’ve only noticed now 5 months after the pic was taken lol, there are trees in the background and cloudy sky… 478 more words

Christian Views on Creation: A Short Summary

Time for another reader question. You can submit your question HERE:

Hi Mike! I have always struggled with the topic of creationism, as I know there are many different types.

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The Hymn of God's Word "God Has Indeed Come Among Men" | The Church of Almighty God

Gospel Choir   (Korean Dubbed)

God Has Indeed Come Among Men

God brings the end of mankind to the human world.

After that, He lays bare to mankind all His disposition, 368 more words

Eastern Lightning

Revelatory Landscape

Here I am, once again confronting the serendipity of life, the consequences of the unexpected turn of events and the process of patiently waiting in ‘ 410 more words


Saul via John Smallman: You Are Divine Beings of Immense Power and Energy, Divine Energy — Golden Age of Gaia - Sept. 26, 2016

John’s audio reading is available here. Humanity’s awakening is so close that your awareness that it is occurring is intensifying enormously – you feel it enveloping you – and yet you still experience the illusion as very real.

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Redefining Perfect

I watched one day as a man planted trees on an empty lot. With great precision, he lined the trees in perfect rows. If his pattern fell off, he would re-fill and re-dig to get it just right. 210 more words