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The Fragrance of Fire

It was the smell that he fell in love with. He could go blind, become paralyzed, and lose all of his senses, but he would never forget that smell. 2,026 more words


You are a creator with God

Sometimes we are in situations that we cant really avoid, we feel desperately frustrated and stressed about what is going on around and is completely out of our control… We have to let it go and let GOD. 403 more words


Amongst All

Among the bushes the kitten sleeps
Away from life’s wishes and weeps
Within its mind it dreams
Of glittering silver streams

Alas! From the corner deep, 55 more words


Country Roads: A Lenten Reflection

The sounds of spring and the cacophony of noises along the country roads that surround my spacious parsonage, much like the final days of Lent, herald the promise of new beginnings. 443 more words



Genesis 2:18-24 tells us the story of Adam and Even. Eve was created by removing part of Adam’s body and fashioning it into the woman.Before God created Eve, He said “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him” (Genesis 2:18) So God created Eve as “a helper fit for him.” God took Adam’s rib to form the female to show that they were actually the same created being, two halves of a whole. 127 more words


Waiting to Awaken

I’m done writing about myself for a while. Blogs are supposed to be personal, I know, but there is such a thing as an overuse of the word “I”. 328 more words