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God in His Fullness

The instrumentality of grace upon man is such that it gives life to the desire of man to know and be like God. Once and for all, the greatness of God is shown through the creation of Man. 549 more words

Protect the Environment: A Liturgy for the "Be The Church Series"

Call to Worship
One: Whether we live near mountains or in the plains-
Many: We are one in Christ.
One: Whether our winters are balmy or our summers are cool- 533 more words


What Does the Bible Say About Our Flat Earth?

It has been the accepted dogma of so-called “science”that the earth is a globe spinning faster than the speed of sound as it orbits the sun at approximately 80 times faster than the speed of a rifle bullet. 1,036 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

Push or Flow? ~ May 22, 2019

Dear Ones, Even though you are a powerful creator, the earth is seeming to regress and your personal world appears as it has always been. Because you cannot see or sense your progress, you feel as if you are a failure, as if you will never do enough to complete your transition. 867 more words

Not everything is a miracle

On a pair of blogs, both written by faithful Christians, I have recently seen the following quote from Albert Einstein: “Either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.” At first glance it appears that Dr. 796 more words

Jesus Christ

Prescription - A Haiku

We all face distractions from whatever we really should be doing. So long as it comes in small doses, it’s fairly harmless and can even be beneficial to re-focus, empty, and cool down the mind. 115 more words


The Truth Project: The Key to Conscious Co-Creation by J.J. Montagnier

The Key to Conscious Co-Creation- J.J. Montagnier for The Truth Project

I am very happy the Truth Project has received a fresh contribution from travelosophor and visionary writer J.J. 78 more words