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My mouth can't come down from smiling

Grief does not have an end date. You learn to live with loss. It settles down in the nooks and crannies of daily life and perhaps one would think looking from the outside in that you, the Loser of a Loved One, have ‘dealt so well’ and found ‘closure’ and blah blah blah. 394 more words


We are professionals

Never let yourself cornered by the “we are professionals” flagline.

I guess this happens during the first years of a performers life, when people want to push your prices down because you are new, not “good enough”, not skilled enough, not cirque du soleil enough, but mostly just not confident enough. 761 more words


"It's not a bed of roses" in London, UK

London, UK, images, “not a bed of roses”, “not a piece of cake”, “not a picnic”, no roses, environment, nature, creation, green spaces, parks, cemeteries, habitat, flora and fauna, thornbush, thorns 10 more words



I create to escape the confines of my mind, to break free from this prison of the flesh. To extend myself far beyond these preconceived boundaries of Self. 115 more words


I like to hang around the fountains,
water coolers of the city, where traffic intersects,
dropping crumbs of cake and gossip, lies and lives.
Few notice me, but in the moment that it takes… 155 more words


When Does it Matter?

The first two chapters in N. T. Wright’s book Surprised by Scripture address questions concerning science and Christian faith. The primary focus in the second was on Adam ( 1,572 more words


God is Love . . . And That Makes All the Difference in the World

God is love.

A nice sentiment. It’s the sort of thing those dreamy-eyed Christians say.

But it’s not very practical.

Or is it?

Consider this: God created the universe. 2,334 more words

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