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Interwoven dreams

I am part of your dream
And you are part of my dream…

Which is our reality
– Dreaming reality…

DidiArtist, 30.07.2018


We Are Most Important

What makes you stop and pause at the wonders of creation in this world?

Could it be a mountain that is topped with snow? A rainforest that opens up to a waterfall? 182 more words


Walsh, Creation, and Worldview

Last week as part of his daily show, popular Catholic Conservative blogger and political commentator felt the need to explain to his substantial audience why he believes in an old earth, and why Christians who don’t are a hindrance to the faith.  795 more words



Woke up this morning

and winter came to call.

Got up to brew my coffee

and suddenly it was Fall!

Sunny Summer afternoon,

by night fall Spring came back… 29 more words


Antidote to Fear 01

There are no general principles, but there is a narrative of expectations.

Without chasing all the essential antecedents, I remind readers that you must understand the Bible as a largely Hebrew document whose content either assumes an ancient Hebrew mystical perspective, or calls for a return to that perspective as the basis for receiving divine revelation. 1,022 more words