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Links Between Faith, Science Denial Charted

Not all religious people are anti-science. Many Christians have issues with evolution, and “end times” Christians don’t worry a lot about climate change. None of that is particularly surprising. 112 more words


Ripples in the Universe

As I continue to meet new people, study new subjects, and comprehend new perspectives I find that my comfort zone is constantly being challenged. My “happy place”, like most peoples’, is that place where we have accumulated a set of convictions and ideals, building a shelter where we feel safe. 1,637 more words


The Most Important Trial of the 20th Century

The Most Important Trial of the 20th Century

(for modern day Christians)

A few years ago as we were traveling through Tennessee, I convinced my wife Amy to allow me to drive a little off course to a little town called Dayton. 1,454 more words

The Christian Life

Creationism in Scottish schools - we won!

Guidance provided by Education Scotland… does not identify Creationism as a scientific principle. It should therefore not be taught as part of science lessons ….

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Dissenters, Not Ignoramuses

Physical anthropologists have long been on the front lines of debates over evolution. In the Texas textbook tumult over the past decade, for example, Ronald Wetherington of Southern Methodist University… 3,660 more words


Carpenter Bees and Microevolution: What the Hell Happened?

There’s a rather large flowering bush in my front yard, and right now it’s surrounded by busy, busy bees and other insects foraging for provisions. Most of these bees are large and shiny, relatively docile carpenter bees, incapable of stinging—or too preoccupied to try. 851 more words


Of God Arguments that Don't Hold

Imagine a world where only one human lives, with trees and vast landscapes but no other creatures and certainly not fellow humans. One day this lone human after ages of wondering if others like him exist(ed), he stumbles upon a big book whose pages are blank.

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