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I'm on The Thinking Atheist!

Well, it’s a bit of old news, and the credit for this goes to my husband who did the hard work on exposing the Ark Park’s shenanigans. 24 more words


Soil Disproves Evolution? Pbbt

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was going to write about a particular creationist text that I’d been given when I was a child. 526 more words


God's concern for life is reflected in our finely tuned universe

In Nehemiah 9:6, a group of Levites stood up in the midst of former Israelite captives who had returned to their homeland and expressed this praise about Jehovah– 103 more words


Is the Origin of Life a Scientific Question?

“Science is supposed to be about things that are observable. That is, science can probe only things that we can detect with our five senses. Science also must be repeatable. 202 more words

Origin Material


Sebastian: Tata, pentru ce avem suflet?

Nectaria: Ca să trăim forever.

Nectaria 5 Ani

Creation: A Key to the Gospel

This seminar was delivered by Dr Don Batten on 21/05/2016. This article is from notes I made so is not completely in keeping with what Dr Batten said though I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible. 3,304 more words

Jesus Christ