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What Is the REAL Deal with Fundamentalists and the Big Eclipse?

As Bart Simpson put it best, “The ironing is delicious.” Secular folks like me blast kooky fundamentalists for their wacky ignorance of science, while we ourselves show a curiously stubborn ignorance about what fundamentalists really believe. 630 more words


Creationism Vs Evolution

Evolution vs Creationism is the conflict between two very vehemently defended beliefs that determine the very roots of our existence; indeed the existence of the universe. 325 more words

Does a day in the Genesis creation account mean 24 hours?

There have been some disputes in recent years about whether or not the word “day” at the beginning of Genesis actually means a 24-hour period. Some have even quoted scriptures like 2 Peter 3:8 (a thousand years is as one day with the Lord) to make the claim this applies to an extended period of time longer than a six-day creation that young-earthers believe in. 22 more words


An essay about existence, creation, and life.

This is a short essay I wrote after receiving an epiphany late at night before bed and thought it important to weed out these thoughts (and capture them). 1,925 more words


What Fossil Whale Bones Tell Us About the Flood

“Esperante, however, uses them to contest and challenge a generally-accepted view that calls for long chronologies to explain everything from unearthed fossils to sedimentary rocks. 39 more words


Tim Allen - Creationist: A Career Revitalization

Dear Mr. Allen,

In light of your recent tweet, I wrote a quick short that I think you would be perfect for. I’m thinking the lead. 8 more words


Evolution is a fact, not a controversy

Reading through even just a third of The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins, the celebrated biologist, one is armed with enough aha! 515 more words