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Beer on the Box - Guinness

Here’s a Guinness ad that likely pissed off a few creationists

Beer On The Box

Current events EXPOSED

thank you Father God in Jesus name. Amen!


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Pandering to the UKIP mob

Teresa May’s speech on immigration was something┬áthat got the news commentator’s talking. In it she claimed that the benefits of immigration are zero…. 1,481 more words


The Christian Echo Chamber

In the last post, I accused creationists of being “dishonest” in the way they handle┬áscientific evidence. That’s a serious charge, but “dishonest” is actually a fairly tame word considering the… 665 more words


Adam and Eve, Myth and Modernism

In a post written awhile back, Free Northerner wrote the following about creationism and the book of Genesis:

Creationists have lost completely their conception of primal/mythic truth…

1,721 more words
Looking At The Bible

AIG: "Is There Really a God?" Review/Thoughts

These are my thoughts of having read the first chapter in The New Answers book by the Answers In Genesis group (AIG). Just by reading the title I began to suspect an ultra conservative approach  to science. 489 more words