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Dim Light

“As a scientist,” My friend the German wrote me, “I’m very worried about how far behind America has fallen. What do you think?”

I love questions like this because it really lets me connect the dots. 729 more words


Six Hilarious Pseudoscience Contradictions

“Pseudosciences are the imposters of real science. They attempt to mimic the activities and language used by scientists, but have no intellectual substance beneath their shallow surface. 98 more words

Debunking Denialism

An open mind

How could you know if you had an open mind? If something disproves what you believe you know, could you change your opinion, or would you just ignore it? 607 more words

Being Human

Are You a Big Fat Idiot?

Are you like me?  That is, do you believe in evolution?

Or, to be precise, do you think evolutionary theory is our best current explanation of the way species came to be different from one another? 829 more words


No, the Bible Isn't a Science Book – So Stop It

For many of us, the reality that the Bible isn’t a science book basically goes without saying.

Even if the Bible had been intended to be a science book (it wasn’t), it would now be a couple of millennium out of date. 545 more words


Sahelanthropus, evolution, and the word "theory"; what Mike Pence really said

The now Vice-President of the United States stands accused of having said that evolution is “just a theory”; see here and here. No he did not say that. 2,015 more words


US states consider laws allowing Creationism to be taught by science teachers | The Independent

Politicians in Texas are considering a bill that would give legal protection to teachers who present Creationism as a scientific theory.

It is one of eight US states where similar laws have been proposed since the start of the year. 49 more words