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From Apes! Really?

I was born in a ‘not so’ devout Hindu family and went to a Christian school. I grew up celebrating Christmas, singing the hymns in the morning assembly and listening to Bible stories, in the ‘special’ Friday classes. 586 more words


Evolution Myth #1

The colloquial use of the word theory gives rise to the misunderstanding in formal and scientific literature. A scientific theory is not based on speculation, a hunch, or a guess. 62 more words

Evolution and Interpreting the Bible

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. After I got healthy, I had priorities higher than this blog. Only so many things can be done laying in a hospital bed. 1,084 more words

Modern Doctrines

Anti-Evolution Film is Sexist and Very White

A Matter of Faith – this film about a college student who gets the little too far from her fundamentalist upbringing was heavily endorsed by creationist… 773 more words

Causality vs. Infinite Regress

The Existence of an Eternal Being Part 2 of 3

Summary: Every event and agent is present because of a previous cause. You can’t have something happen without a cause. 615 more words