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Good And Bad News About D.C.'s Charter Schools and Creationism

First, the good news (boldface mine):

A D.C. public charter school network scrapped plans to award Liberty University a contract to offer online courses to high school students, …

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Why the Search for Exoplanets Should Be Encouraged

The news of several Earth-sized planets orbiting a small, dim star called TRAPPIST-1 fell like a bombshell this past few days. The announcement was well orchestrated, complete with a 360 image of an exoplanet’s surface, a more mundane image of the same, a little video, and even a travel poster. 681 more words


Starting from Scratch

Evolved primates possess unique prisms

Lending credence to creationism

Here is an empirical example

The blank page on my screen is now ample

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Why Isaiah 45:18 Says Nothing About Aliens

It’s one of the most cited verses amongst those touting anti-alien dogma. Just a couple days ago during an Answers News segment with Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge quoted it to claim that aliens were impossible. 868 more words

Answering Anti-Alien Skeptics

Good news: South Dakota's "teach the controversy" bill fails

On January 28 I reported that the South Dakota state Senate had approved one of those “teach all sides” bills used by creationists to sneak divinity into the science classroom, and to oppose evolution and global warming. 494 more words

Intelligent Design Creationism Watch

Quest for God 8

To draw parallels and affinities between the media of art on the one hand and of religion on the other is, I suggest, a useful approach.  568 more words


One Religion Is Being Taught In Public Schools & It's Not Christianity

If the local high school in your district suddenly announced they were going to start teaching Christianity in a required class, what would happen? The ACLU would be up in arms, wouldn’t they? 420 more words