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Reactive Mode Point 1

I would like to add a few more key points about the reactive mode before moving on.

First, a person operating in the reactive mode can become familiar, comfortable, and sophisticated in its use over time.  305 more words


Responding to Christian Reason

I came across this blog post by a Christian and thought it warranted a detailed answer, so I have written one.

Quote: “But to look out at creation and proclaim: “I know there is no Creator!” is beyond me. 2,578 more words


The Reactive Mode and Darwinian Evolution, Part 3

Charles Darwin did not know about DNA and the molecular machinery in living cells, the inconceivably massive amount of information that went into the Big Bang creation of the universe, or the intelligently designed information that goes into computer software code that crystalized for us the concept of information theory within the last three decades.  226 more words


A Shout-out to Answers in Genesis for a Recent Display of Rational Restraint 

It seems that lately this blog has been fixated on creation exotheology, theology that concerns itself with how Biblical Christianity might deal with the discovery of extraterrestrial life. 570 more words


The Reactive Mode and Darwinian Evolution, Part 2

The casual observer witnessing the field supervisor directing the work on the jobsite, answering questions and resolving problems in the reactive mode, does not result in the house design “type” radically changing mid-stream from a traditional New England Cape Cod architecture to something entirely different like Wallace Neff’s Santa Barbara/Montecito style architecture, circa 1928 to 1932…there are not even existing or imaginable, transitional intermediate hybrids between the two. 522 more words


The Reactive Mode and Darwinian Evolution, Part 1

How does this relate to the conceptual approach in biology of theoretically extrapolating microevolution into macroevolution?

A casual, unsophisticated observer on a housing construction site might reasonably misinterpret the field supervisor verbally discussing issues, giving directions, and waving their arms for workers on the jobsite to go here or there and to do this or that, in-the-moment in the reactive mode, incorrectly assuming this visual representation to be the main creative source of the information that designs and builds the house.  524 more words