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The Surprising History of Turkey's Creationism

A devilish Jewish conspiracy? A beloved Christian import? Recent news from Turkey builds on the surprising evolution of creationism in that country.

Here’s what we know: Alpaslan Durmus, the Turkish education minister, … 528 more words


Turkey orders secondary schools to stop teaching evolution

According to both the Guardian and The Independentthe Turkish government, with the approval of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has just stopped the teaching of evolution in secondary schools, saying that students in the ninth grade aren’t able to understand the idea. 613 more words

Intelligent Design Creationism Watch

Assumptions on Darwin's tree of life & junk DNA unravel as science progresses

Staunch evolutionists have made assumptions since Darwin’s day about what they believe they will discover to be true as scientific tools, methods, and research advance. However, as those advances have taken place, a lot of their evolutionary assumptions have proven to be way off the mark and, much to their chagrin, the newer discoveries tend to make the Bible’s account of a Creator more believable. 43 more words


Free Speech Firestorm Jumps the Creationist Gap

Everyone supports free speech. But these days, academic “free speech” has become the latest creationist tactic to wedge creation-friendly science into schools. Mostly, that has been a K-12 effort, but it seems like creationist tactics have piggybacked their way into higher education. 801 more words


The Odds of Evolution Are Zero

Zero times anything is zero. The odds of life just happening by chance are zero.

This universe just springing into being by chance is impossible. It takes a leap of blind faith to believe in evolution, unguided or guided. 82 more words