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Glasgow local elections; my preferences based on secularism issues

Written for Glasgow, but relevant throughout Scotland. Life goes on at local level, and I urge you to cast your local vote on local issues. Here, for me,* the order of preference is clear, based on my educational and secularist concerns: 766 more words


Creation: The Scientific Method is Biblical

Let’s talk science!

In my previous posts, I’ve presented some musings on the Bible’s creation narrative and our current scientific understanding of the record of nature.  2,713 more words


Forget Benedict, It’s the DeVos Option

You’ve heard it by now: Rod Dreher is pushing a “Benedict Option” for religious conservatives. He wants the good people of America to pull back from mainstream society into purer enclaves. 580 more words


Do Comets Indicate a Young Earth?

One of the common arguments made for a young creation has to do with the age of comets. While the arguments seem reasonable at first, it’s pretty easy to see how they miss some key information. 679 more words


Academic Freedom, Climate Change and Creationism

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Vice reports that some US States are using new academic freedom initiatives, designed to prevent climate indoctrination, to add courses about creationism to mainstream school syllabuses.

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Climate Change

Some Thoughts on a Few Heretics (Six, to be Precise)

I read this post from Andy Gill earlier today and enjoyed it a good deal. Go on, read it. Gill employs a little bit of tasteful satire to make a great point. 417 more words

Why did God invent people?

Great question. The jury is still out on that one. I’m really concerned about why did God create idiots, AKA jerks! See the illustration below!

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