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It Is My 1st Birthday!!!

1 year ago today August 29, 2014 I started this blog site!! So TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!Xoxo I love you all, I met so many of you and learned so much, I hope you have learned so much from me as well :-D… 872 more words


Ontario school officials respond—or rather, fail to respond—to queries about why they don't require teaching human evolution

A short while ago I reported, based on a post  on DarwinQuixote site, that while the province of Ontario requires teaching of evolution in secondary-school biology classes, there’s no requirement for teaching… 1,031 more words

Intelligent Design Creationism Watch

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If all this is correct, then as far as I am concerned, Ontario's cynically Orwellian/Lysenkoist censoriousness of science makes it an utter laughing stock for all people of integrity. And I can assure you, I certainly intend to laugh the loudest :P I would like to see every single educator who is behind the propagation of young Earth Creationist agitprop and all such backward, obscurantist, paternalistic acts of intellectual vandalism, in every single country in the world, held up to the fitting opprobrium and ridicule for the senseless, highminded havoc they are wreaking. Young Earth Creationism is as form of intellectual terrorism, and whenever it is endorsed or pandered to, either by True Believers or Fellow Travellers, it inevitably throws the wellbeing of blameless children under the rapacious school bus wheels of neocorporatist ideological expediency. Indoctrinating children with YEC ideology is a form of child abuse, and pandering to YEC propaganda is not much better than child abuse. If you are a YEC, just keep your bigoted, backward nonsense to yourself. I mean, ha! Just face it, the world is better off without your superior knowledge ;)

Throwback Thursday: James Jordan on Fossils and Creationism

One of the hottest debates among Christians, particularly those in the scientific community is over the age of the earth. Both old-earth and young-earth views of creation can be argued from Scripture, primarily because the biblical witness is not entirely clear on questions of the age of the earth. 1,090 more words


Why Seven Days? Heavenly Bodies, Ancient Gods, and 24 Hour Tangents

The number 7 plays a significant structural role in both the writings and practices of ancient Israel. Is there something ontologically significant about the number? Is the number 7 something like the c in e=mc2? 1,030 more words

Christianity And Science

Gage Harold and the Inciting Article

Coming from the massively conservative Master’s College in Los Angeles, I received my undergraduate degree in biology with a biblical worldview curriculum. I am very proud of my school and I trust the Bible completely. 1,067 more words