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Really Recommended Posts 3/6/15- Graphic Novels, going to church, and more!

Hello, dear readers! I hope you’ll enjoy the lineup I have for you from the frozen North. I realized the other day I must truly have acclimated because I walked outside in 5 degree (Fahrenheit, AKA -15 Celsius) weather and had to remove my hat because I was warm. 318 more words


Ken Ham calls Richard Dawkins 'inconsistent' for criticizing indoctrination while Dawkins indoctrinates

Atheist Richard Dawkins recently made statements in TIME magazine and the Irish Times criticizing religious parents for indoctrinating their children. It didn’t take long for Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis… 533 more words


To Debate or Not To Debate ?

Evolution versus creationism has been a long standing debate in the society. This debate or ‘controversy’ made complete sense in the early period after the publication of… 961 more words


Evolution and the Fossil Record

Why do we believe in evolution when there is such little evidence to support it? I suppose that most people couldn’t provide specific scientific answer as to why they do, only that its what they’ve been taught by text books and college professors. 554 more words


The THEORY of Evolution and the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party...

Brooksville, Republic of Florida - While Yankee Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin might be scared to admit that he is an creationist, we here at the Brooksville Belle are not. 9,420 more words


The Problem with Protestants. also: Dinosaurs!

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Reading: My Jury Summons

Writing About: Jury Duty, hard-core individualism, beards, fast and loose Catholicism.

I was summoned to jury duty on Monday. 470 more words

God vs Science: Agency and Mechanism

We often think that science and God are in direct conflict, this idea is predicated on the assumption that God is only introduced to explain the things which we can not, i.e. 191 more words