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The Discovery Institute thinks they "shellacked" me, but once again, it's a big swing and a miss.

The creationist group “Discovery Institute” (DI) runs a website called “Evolution News” which dresses itself up as a real science site dedicate to research on evolution. 1,847 more words


BioLogos Basics Videos

BioLogos Basics Videos

The BioLogos website contains lots of fantastic resources, but we know they’re not always easy for the casual web surfer to find. And especially for people new to the Christianity and evolution discussion, we’ve recognized that there needs to be an easier way to wade into the sometimes treacherous waters.

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I Love You but You Didn't Do the Reading

I spent the week buried in the Philadelphia archives, but somehow the world kept on turnin. Here are a couple of stories this week that have nothing to do with… 342 more words


Proving God Exists Using The Human Body.

This is a short introduction video on the human body and its design. I touch on some of the systems and organs in the human body and its functions showing how and why there must be a Creator or an intelligent designer. 7 more words


A geologist shows Noah's Ark is impossible

I have to bookmark this, since I’m familiar enough to refute Creationism with astronomy, or by talking about Bill Nye’s talking points on tectonic plates… 109 more words

Slippery Slopes are Not Defensible Positions

The following Tweet appeared in my Twitter feed. As one can see, the Tweet is not a response to a particular person. Rather it is a scourging of the topics discussed in a Tennessee Sunday School, as noted in the article posted. 1,564 more words