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What? Super Human?

There are a few ‘super humans’ on

the planet…not just those with

great abilities or intelligence but

have remained childlike in their

appreciation of life, of the world’s… 97 more words

With or Without

I so want to succeed…

so anxious over the

result of achievement–

overly concerned over the

consequences of failure

irrationally over-emotional

without letting go of… 100 more words

My Turn

I don’t want to stay up all night

but I feel I could, irresponsibly,

of course.

Too many things have been left undone.

By me.  I take the easy (erroneous) way… 80 more words

Abigail Berger x Holy Golden - Metamorphosis

For the feeling behind these photos, we were inspired by the richness of character in the New Orleans architecture and environment. All the photos were shot in the interior of an old hotel in the French Quarter district – which is seeping with history and at certain moments, feels like you are stepping back in time.

96 more words

Untitled Poem

Evenings are lengthening
I watch with joy
as daylight stretches out
pushing the darkness back
so that it no longer feels
like a threat, like the weight… 41 more words


Valentina Botta - Oniric Princess

I love pink, glitter, kaleidoscopes and girls.

This series is called “Oniric Princess” and it just represents my kind of imagination. I place girls into my dimension and I always try to express the magic I’m feeling inside of my heart!

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The key to life!

Really!  How often do you

take a really deep breath?

and then again repeating

20-30-40 times?

Then hold it s long as you can. 81 more words