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I feel I’m going through a

major re-learning phase.

How to be human.  How to

be an emotional human being

instead of a “mental” robotic… 115 more words


We were promised with heavy snow and gale force winds, but, some would say, we were lucky and managed to avoid the worst of it. 25 more words



Resist not.


Resist nothing.

“Resistance is futile.”

You knew that was coming,

didn’t you?

Well, it is.  It’s the long way


Going through whatever… 63 more words

2nd Chance

Often life gives us

a second chance

when we think there’s

not going to be one.

We stand in awe of


where there was none… 96 more words

Here and There

I takes me a while to be where I am

when I sit down to relax.

Especially if the day has been a ‘busy’ one. 125 more words

A Raindrop

Gingko with leaves.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

If I was a raindrop

I’d let go

and just fall to earth.

If the wind had other ideas, 77 more words


Met a bartender running.

So I walked with him

for a mile-

him in his shoes

me in mine.

Although we exchanged

foot coverings for a while… 108 more words