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If we all did what we wanted

well, I guess we’d be happier.

There’s lots of rules to be broken

when you do what you want. 44 more words

McIntyre Family

You guys, I’ve been photographing them since 2012. That’s before Briella, before Drew was old enough to be in school, and before I was even trying to do this photo thing for real. 49 more words

Idea Generator : Storing Your Gear In Your Apartment

Bikes & Skis & Surfboards, Oh My: Ingenious Ways to Store Gear in a Small Space | Apartment Therapy

Fitting big hobbies—the type that require a board, a helmet, and maybe even a wetsuit—into a teeny-tiny home can be a tall order. 59 more words


Idea Generator : Bathroom Upgrades Your Landlord Won't Hate

Fast Fixes: Small, Landlord Friendly Upgrades For the Bathroom — Renters Solutions | via Apartment Therapy

When we moved into our apartment, the bathroom was the first thing I wanted to upgrade.

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Apartment Therapy

Midweek Moment #50: Stealing moments of joy

Sometimes you have to make the most of the moment.

In between rain showers last weekend, Blue Eyes weeded the vegie patch and I picked lemons, mandarins and oranges. 378 more words

Midweek Moment

"5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have"

“5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have” — Renters Solutions | Apartment Therapy

Quite often when we talk about the upgrades you can make to a rental apartment or home, I am the first to look at the list and balk, saying to myself that none of it is worth the effort.

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Apartment Therapy

Struggling with impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome. It targets high achievers who see themselves as inadequate, struggle with crippling self-doubt, and fear that others will see them as an intellectual fraud. 515 more words