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I was feeling a little stagnated with my projects recently, like I was falling into a rut and this always deeply frustrates me. To beat this feeling I decided to mix up my artwork and pick some fun things to play around with. 146 more words


A very creative Etsy Shop

This is probably one of the best and creative, original design studios. Now they’re on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrignalDesignStudio


Cliff watercolour

I’m kind of excited to be writing a post that is not baby-related! I decided to just pick up my watercolours today and do some “fun” paintings. 111 more words


Welcome to TGNR Sunday Brunch!

The Good News Review: Sunday Brunch is a new segment to the site to be published every Sunday and features a unique, first person story that contributes to our overall goal of sharing truly good news. 425 more words

Feel Good

Meditation for as short as 8 weeks can change your brain

Participants in the study spent close to a half-hour every day meditating or practicing some other mindfulness exercise (notable because most people associate meditation with sitting and thinking quietly, and that’s not the only type of exercise done in the study) for about eight weeks. 50 more words