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A Pocketful of Happiness

My addiction to writing has taken

me over.  It’s like it’s a placebo, a balm

(bomb!)  to make me feel better about

myself.  So why should I feel guilty… 153 more words


How do we change?

How do we learn new tricks?

If we buy a ticket to our

desired destination

what’s to say that we

will arrive on time? 123 more words


The mind and the heart–

sometimes they duel–

a dual nemesis upon

the being.

Black & white agree on

gray so why can’t

we compromise and… 56 more words

The Day

I think I’m going to

impeach the 24 hr. day

and export myself to


planet with way longer

days so I can get all my… 79 more words


I stand in the entrance

to the Tate Modern;

my heart is beating like a drum

and I cannot move.

But the world did not end… 51 more words


Rest Heals

If there were clouds

I didn’t notice

4 walls kept me company

as I downshifted into low gear.

Preparing for the hills ahead

when clouds are viewed in the… 120 more words

No Idea

Do you ever start writing

without an idea?

Like you’re walking into a

dark room with no light switch.

You just feel your way around… 77 more words