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New & Old

A new pen

A new day

A new me

All the old

is on its

way out.



Cells multiply

Life renews itself

Repairs itself… 68 more words

Heaven on Earth

It seems I can’t push my way into heaven.

The gates have to open and then…I have to

walk through.

If I find, “it’s ‘too good’ for me” and… 165 more words

What I Feel

I would feel embarrassed to

say what I felt

to hurt someone else’s


I mean what I really

felt down deep that wasn’t

“politically, or any other… 97 more words

Present Moment

I wanted to come down

hard on myself

but kindness is a better option.

When you’re in the midst

of the flames

just keep walking. 123 more words

Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Creativity

I’ve been following Cocorrina for few years now, and i enjoy her SO much. recently she’ve created this Ultimate Guide to Boost Creativity based on her freelance life experience. 46 more words


Elena Sokolova - Photosynthesis

This editorial by fashion photographer Elena Sokolova from Moscow, Russia, showcases a beautiful romantic photography with exceptional garments taken in front of a grungy background. Really impressive, authentic and inspiring. 149 more words


A Loving Heart

A Day of Love-

giving and receiving it.

Turn your love up

to the highest setting.

You’re never depleted,

so why hold back

in its expression? 107 more words