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Inside Invincibility

Holster my pistol.

I’m not out to get


I’m invincible

whether I know

it or not.

Others may take

a pot shot at

me.  Not that I… 22 more words

ARTIST PROFILE | Alison McGinn: "Wife, mother and student."

Alison McGinn is an artist that has made the transition from engineering to art. Now in her final year of her BA Fine Art degree at Bath Spa University, this wife, mother and student creates immersive pieces that act as a… 232 more words


ARTIST PROFILE | Anna Kenneally

Art “has never seemed to be an active choice” for third year Fine Art student Anna Kenneally. Always set on the path of creativity, Anna describes her art as an exploration examining… 250 more words


Gabrielle Barrera - Growing Pains

Hurting hearts and marks on your legs and endless searching for things you won’t find and wilting like lilacs in the summer and this is it, this is all there is.

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Getting Started

1001 dalmations

more excuses


I don’t start writing.

I can talk myself into

or out of anything.

I’m not that big a fan… 107 more words

Chloe Munn - Candle-lit Girl

These photos feature a candle-lit girl and explore romance of the individual.

Powerful in expression and still silently mysterious is this creative work by Chloe Munn…

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Turn Over a New Leaf

Spring comes to put

a spring in our step.

After a long, dark winter,

we get extra daylight


clear blue skies

bad air gone… 71 more words