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At Rest

I come zipping into the day

for a landing

taxiing up to the weekend

shutting down my engines.

Ready to deplane.

I’m in a new country. 54 more words

Out of my Hands

I want to give up

I want to not try

I figure if people

see how defeated I


they won’t want to

read what I write. 163 more words

Birds' Feast

I NEVER see a sad


They’re hopping around

from branch to branch

like they’re so excited

to find the next berry.

NEVER see one sleeping… 58 more words

Saltash Morning

The sun is warm on my feet

and I sit, back against a wall

listening to the birds twittering in the trees

and the gentle hum of traffic… 38 more words


Dialogue with hp

Let me go

or help me.

I need to know

or want to know

what to do.

Anymore, I don’t.

it’s all a maze

& haze… 183 more words

Be Seen

I’m walking more into

the world from the shadows.

A lot of confusion in the middle.

Who’s going to watch your back?

There is a solace… 119 more words

Kind of Good

Inside I feel

at least someone

recognizes I exist

and even matter.

I could ask them

what they see in


I may be aware… 93 more words