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The Writer's Manifesto

Give me half an hour of peace

and a desk to write at,

a pen or pencil, and a notebook.

Give me a morning to daydream away… 85 more words


River Walk

I don’t have an inkling of whatsoever

I could or would write about, so

I’ll just begin.

I walked as early as I could this… 134 more words

Christian Lesmes - A Daughter of the Sea

This is an invitation to travel through Tokio Blue’s magic world.

Bogotá, Colombia, -based photographer Christian Lesmes shot this absolutely dreamy photo-series in collaboration with a friend’s brand called ‘

72 more words

Daygone dog or Dogone Day

The green tree

blocks my view

it has grown so much.

People a mile or two away

make noise and call it


The rain cleared the air… 90 more words

Sarah Outeiro - Bibiana

The future, it’s behind
It’s always been behind.

Sparkly and dreamy is this photo-series by Sarah Outeiro from Brazil she took of model Bibiana Vargas…

25 more words

Zombies At A Con

Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Names, characters, brands, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. 985 more words

Arianna May - Mistress

This glowing photo-story by Arianna May is a part of her Halloween series this year which Arianna has created in a wonderfully artistic way. ☆ 9 more words