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Skull & Vicious Comic Girl Drawing

Check out this cool drawing and buy it if you like on various items at http://nicole-burrell.artistwebsites.com/featured/vicious-girl-nicole-burrell.html


(hump day) Happiness

More often than not we are limited by our fears. 

Fear is one of the dominating emotions that halts us, as a major obstacle to happiness (others are anger, anxiety, and despair). 238 more words


Get New Creative Art Ideas And Go Beyond The Obvious

Art is the best form of human expression. Across thousands of years human beings have expressed about culture, social life and recorded history through art. This is the reason art has been celebrated so much in human history and artists were christened as the first celebrities on the planet. 273 more words

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Rural Aia Coworking

Coworking in small towns can be a very different experience to that in larger, more anonymous cities.  Rural areas often already have close-knit social networks, yet coworking spaces offer a way to create tighter and larger professional connections. 22 more words



I had a lot of seed beads on my desk. So was wondering what I can make out of it. Then I went straight to… 149 more words