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Graffiti to Workers

For this blog I wanted to do a Q&A so I thought I would have an interview with a person who sees tons of graffiti works on a daily bases. 689 more words

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Looking in his dark, brown eyes she felt like she knew him. Even though, their eyes first locked only a few days ago, she felt like she could trust him with all of her dark, mysterious secrets that never crossed the walls of her heart. 196 more words

Opened and Poured Out

His Body was Broken

His Blood Poured Out

He Died for a Few Days

He is Alive

Happy Easter


Vast Love

She closed her eyes and felt the little droplet of water reaching her body,

She could hear the waves singing their lullaby,

Making her dream a little deeper, a little sweeter, 249 more words

The Richest Man

The day finally came. She looked into his dark brown eyes with a tint of greyishness in them and she felt tears welling inside her. She wanted to stay here forever but she knew she had to leave. 308 more words

Vandalism protected by law?

Let’s say you have done one of your best works at whatever you do in a public place. This work is extravagant and has captured the eye of many people. 640 more words

#YGraffiti #artofaculture

Blooming Stars

Like a lunatic, her mind contained only the thoughts containing him. She went through their chats over and over again, smiling and just wondering about him. 287 more words