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Logo Trends in Fashion Branding

Amazing logos makes you stand out from the crowd. But it seems that a lot of fashion designers are taking the easy way out, latching onto what everyone else is doing instead of being unique. 282 more words

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Don’t try to be everything to everyone

It’s a common scenario: you might be a new fashion label just starting out, and  you’re so excited to get your product placed just about anywhere, that you forget to stop and think strategically about who your real target customer is. 162 more words

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Meaning of color for branding your fashion label

Let’s face it. Everyone has a favorite color. But when branding your emerging fashion label, and choosing your brand’s colors, it’s not enough to simply have a personal favorite. 355 more words

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Make Your Label Portfolio Awesome

“In fashion, one day you are in, the next day you are out.” If you want to get in and stay in the world of fashion and glamour, a well-branded Label portfolio is a vital tool. 518 more words

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2015 Adobe MAX Recap - Part 2

In my last post recapping the 2015 Adobe Max Conference, I provided personal reflection prompts to encourage exploring your creativity goals and hang ups. While I found these sessions and the resulting guidance to be extremely valuable, the Adobe MAX Conference wasn’t all creative soul searching. 788 more words

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2015 Adobe MAX Recap - Part 1

I recently attended the 2015 Adobe Max Conference where creative brains from around the globe gathered to learn about the latest Adobe Creative Suite updates and the different ways to leverage these tools to create works of art, from photographs to illustrations and videos. 912 more words

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Digital Storytelling for Social Change

Continuing my exploration of digital storytelling, the medium’s cost-effective production and strong potential for engaging audiences makes it an ideal tool for non-profit groups. Digital storytelling for social change focuses on raising the voices of subordinate groups who are directly affected by social issues but seldom heard in public deliberation. 811 more words

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