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I wish my personalities could get along....

I found this graphic on Stumbleupon made by Pop Chart Lab.  I find it hilarious and accurate.  The story depicts the many roads a creative might take in exploring an idea.  264 more words


Wear your heart on your sleeve (or neck, or finger, or ears)

I just designed another custom order, and it occurred to me that one of my favourite things about designing for a specific person is that it often allows people to… 802 more words

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On Creativity Inc.

Over this last summer, I took the time to read Ed Catmull’s book “Creativity Inc.” As someone who is interested in starting my own creative business, this book gave me hope and helped me to know that I am not alone in my aspirations. 1,616 more words

How to be more productive when you are feeling lazy!

I’m sure we all know the feeling: knowing you have a million things you need to be doing today, but not wanting to do a single one of them because you are just so stinkin’ comfortable on the sofa. 508 more words


The Introvert Life with Gemma Correll

When we asked our Conners who they’d most like to see speak at a future con, Gemma Correll’s name came up more than once. We live to serve the craft community, and we made it happen! 626 more words


On Adequacy

What is adequacy? According to the dictionary, it’s “the state of being adequate.” Adequate is “as much or as good as necessary for some requirement or purpose; fully sufficient, suitable, or fit.” If we take it for that definition, then why is it that so many people, myself included, feel inadequate. 515 more words


Mentoring + Coaching Sessions with SSE

Mentoring and coaching others in the creative industry is seriously one of my favorite parts of my job. I’ve been priviledged to mentor and coach many really fabulous brands, business owners, big dreamers, and creative indsutry friends over the last couple years, and it it so life-giving to me (and to them, I hope)! 197 more words

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