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We're getting a temp spot in Uptown!

Hello Lovely People! I hope your 2016 has gotten off to a great start.  I’m happy to announce that on Wednesday, January 20th, Sweet Potato Seamstressing will have a new temporary residence with… 378 more words


CheyOnna Sewell on Crafting a Better World

CheyOnna has lived much of her adult life split between the city she grew up in, Kansas City, MO, and the city where she found her second voice, St. 425 more words


Stephanie Capps Dyke on Mindfulness and Creativity

Stephanie is just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. She’s really a quilter, mixed media artist and writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. Stephanie’s story goes something like this: Five years in art school led to an unfulfilling corporate career and a very sad 10-year creative hiatus. 470 more words


Re-thinking the good things

Sometimes life is a blur and you have to  s l o w  it  d o w n even if it means re-thinking things you enjoy. 398 more words

Happy New Year! 2015 in Review...

Happy New Year everyone!

As we finalise our plans for 2016, I’ve been reviewing everything thats happened over the last year – it’s been a busy one!! 778 more words

Sarah Hurley

New Year, New Adventures

Just a little over a month ago, like 32 days ago, I launched my Etsy shop. I’ve been artsy and craftsy for approximately 25 years and 7 months now, but finally stepped out to make it more of a tangible dream, rather than a hobby. 53 more words


Happy New Year, 2016!


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

2015 was a busy year full of changes and illnesses. Many plans were put on hold or suddenly had to change. 109 more words