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Sushi Cake

This fun party cake was made with a regular fruit cream cake and was super yummy. Birthday of your sushi-lover friend coming up? You know what to gift. 456 more words


Cakeology V

…As the evening ended, while Amit drove towards our home, I, sitting next to him,  hoped of dreaming the Genie again to complete his last sentence. 147 more words


Cakeology IV

On fine summer day (late July), it so happened, while I lay myself on a comfy sun chair , the smoke from the barbecue formed a shape and suddenly I heard a deep heavy voice saying, 413 more words


How to: Pigs in Mud Chocolate Cake

I loved plasticine as a child, and used to make all sorts of figures out of it. Pumpkins, animals, my dad…yes, really. So when I saw this ‘Pigs in Mud’ cake, I saw a challenge which would take me back to that misspent youth and let me try out a new cake recipe at the same time. 888 more words




A Beautiful cake that makes terrific use of our seasonal produce.  This cake is easy to whip up, with a beautiful citrus flavour.   362 more words


Cakeology I

This is my first blog and I think nothing can be better than to starting something new on a sweet note. So folks, “my bake-a-cake journey” is about to begin and entertain you all. 293 more words


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The latest addition to Cakeology is a chocolate-cherry cream cake with ever-so-interesting theme. Yes, you guessed it right...'the shopping queen cake'.   IMG_6323 IMG_6324 This surprise cake was an absolute hit in the party.       Thank you readers! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.