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This is my first blog and I think nothing can be better than to starting something new on a sweet note. So folks, “my bake-a-cake journey” is about to begin and entertain you all. 281 more words


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The latest addition to Cakeology is a chocolate-cherry cream cake with ever-so-interesting theme. Yes, you guessed it right...'the shopping queen cake'.   IMG_6323 IMG_6324 This surprise cake was an absolute¬†hit in the party.       Thank you readers! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

Sweet Metallic Touches for Your Boho Wedding

We love the idea of dressing up your wedding cake and sweet treats with accents of pearl white, copper, rose gold and silver metallic beauty. There are so many ways to include metallic touches to liven up the look of your sugary treats (and if this is styled well, no, it won’t look tacky!) … 211 more words


Too beautiful to eat (no carb cake)

Another Birthday Happening came upon and so I had to activate my brain cells for some creative work. The challenge was a low carb or no carb birthday cake for a very good friend of mine. 129 more words


The Henna Cake

This was certainly one of more creative cakes I’ve been charged to create. It was for a Moroccan¬†themed bridal shower…complete with large, colorful silk pillows on the floor, beautiful fabric everywhere, and generally luscious decor! 66 more words

Chef Queenie

Decisions, Decisions! My Sister's Wedding Cake

It’s my sister’s turn to get stressed, blessed, and excited completing her wedding To-Do list! She’s looking for a perfect cake for a gold, blue, and white wedding now. 20 more words


Wedding Cake Traditions

Why do we have Wedding Cakes?

As I am starting with my cake design ideas for the Autumn Wedding Fairs, I wondered about the history of the Wedding Cake. 441 more words