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Whacky Wednesday 12

The word the Cuna Indians on the San Blas Islands off the Atlantic coast of Panama use for dream translates as “to see in the hammock”.  410 more words


Whacky Wednesday 11

I expect the heron that has plundered, speared and eaten the fishy and froggy residents of both my ponds has been employing all its senses.  If I were a heron, I’d do the same.  189 more words

Whacky Wednesday

Don't ask, don't get.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the power and capability of the mind. Whilst I’m quietly confident that I seriously under utilise my mind’s capacity, there is comfort in knowing that I can call upon it to help me out and that it will usually deliver. 395 more words


Whacky Wednesday 10

Recognising patterns is something most of us are really good at, some actively look for them and some make their own.  A family member has a responsibility-laden job as she is responsible for identifying disease by examining cells and by their shapes and patterns and other stuff that I don’t know about, she is able to unmask the enemy.  196 more words


Creative Challenge July 2016

Let’s have some fun while exercising our creativity…

Every month on the 5th I will be making a “Creative Challenge” post. Those post will be comprised of a series of prompts (with a link to their sources). 1,866 more words


Whacky Wednesday 9

Some years ago I challenged myself to refrain from making assumptions. What a wake-up call! I hadn’t realised just how many are made in a day. 271 more words


Whacky Wednesday 7

Well, I’m not sure on this one as the weather in my crystal ball is currently cloudy.  I could assume that the larger implications of my idea would be xxx and lo! 109 more words