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The Lament of an Insomniac

Today, after so many days, I actually slept in the afternoon! I know, I know. At this point you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “People will blog about anything these days!” 729 more words


Blog: Pushing the Envelopes

Being a penpal since the age of 8, I have a special affinity for anything written, and especially anything written and beautifully decorated.

I stumbled on Jean Wilson’s Pushing the Envelopes blog from a post on Pinterest, and am utterly hooked. 39 more words

Creative Challenges

Writing Prompt: She Rode Off On A Harley

She rode off on a Harley. For a woman who had never caused a fuss or drawn attention to herself, it was an act of defiance. 379 more words


Just Gotta Short the Stories

I wrote my first short story long, long ago after taking a class on getting published where I learned that to get published you had to be published. 489 more words


Writing Prompt: Write About Someone Doing An Everyday Task

The prompt: write about someone doing an everyday task that reveals something fundamental about who they are.

She had started before first light, making her way to the laundry in the yard and getting the boiler started as the household slept. 283 more words


Creative Challenges

Every now and then I like to set myself a creative challenge. I should disclose that these challenges are seldom well-thought out, but tend to be based on a suggestion picked up from elsewhere or a random thought which seems like a really good idea. 435 more words


Creative Challenge: Exploring Your Neighborhood

It’s been awhile since I ventured beyond the typical stores and restaurants I always visit, and when you’ve lived in the same area for an extended period of time, things can start to get pretty boring. 227 more words