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Tandem post: Fading

The room is dark and you’re asleep. This is not the time to say what I have on mind but I have to. Closure is what I need, even if it will be lost on you. 494 more words

Tandem Blogs


At some point about two weeks ago, I opened up my iPad before going to bed and thought I was going to READ one of the books in my kindle. 295 more words


Creative Process(ing) 51

My first book dummy was horizontal in form.  The large clumps of words on some of the pages seemed overwhelming (all of these words necessary to the story, I think).  35 more words

A peek inside my head...

In the acts of creating, we choose the journey of encountering our deepest fears, our vulnerabilities waiting to reveal the strength in our truth.

And sometimes, I notice, in the process of trying to appear as something to someone else, it becomes difficult to share what is really difficult. 90 more words


Creative Process(ing) 49

Color coding my “book dummy” will be an important test for word placement, I think.  Of course, this will probably mean more rearranging… oh my goodness…!

Singing Along the Path...

Oh, glorious news!! Included with my Picture Book textbook was a webinar and two (How-To) Excerpts. The first page of the excerpt, “Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript”, has freed me from my worry about illustrations (lack of)…What a Pleasant surprise <3 :D !!