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vs. the overdog

I’m a poor underdog

But tonight I will bark

With the great Overdog

That romps through the dark.

Underdog– the competitor not likely to win or at a disadvantage.

561 more words
Daily Prompt

vs. the internal gremlin

GREMLIN: first known use in 1920s-40s referring to a tiny mischievous creature causing mechanical malfunction.

Old English “gremman” (meaning to anger) + “ 282 more words

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vs. knot particularly

I taught myself how to knit this weekend.

Rather, I re-acquainted myself with the process.

The last time I knitted I was probably 10 years old. 615 more words

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vs. droll drinking games

Or I suppose a more accurate title might be funny little ways to avoid drinking games.

Since alcohol is off the menu for November, here are 10 Things I’m doing to keep myself from drinking alcohol during… 241 more words

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Writing Prompt: She Rode Off On A Harley

She rode off on a Harley. For a woman who had never caused a fuss or drawn attention to herself, it was an act of defiance. 379 more words


vs. neophyte

From the late Latin neophytus meaning
“Newly planted”
I think I prefer things that are “historically planted”.

Daily Prompt: Neophyte

Daily Prompt

vs. no alcohol

I like wine…

And beer. And gin. And Rum. And pretty much any kind of alcoholic beverage that is put in front of me.  It has been a decade-long love-hate affair.  233 more words

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