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"Book Dummy" Creation

I am so lacking in confidence here that I thought that I should announce it… I think that that, along with multiple “how-to” resources, will help me to keep moving forward.

Creative Process(ing) 46

This week I struggled with my story’s title. I had picked (or perhaps the title had picked itself) what I thought was a fun, whimsical word string that, to me, sparks a certain level of curiosity about the book. 36 more words

Creative Process(ing) 45

The next chapter of my textbook spoke of word count. Though, lately, I have been culling words as I go along, I have learned that there were probably even more that should be removed. 22 more words

New Dwellings

I’m back! And feeling much better after picking up a particularly nasty virus that has been going round recently. Loads of hot drinks, sleeping and soups helped. 352 more words


Creative Process(ing) 44

Having spent so much time reading poetry these past couple of weeks, my story seems to pale in comparison. :(  This realization sent me into a pensive state.  49 more words

About to Explode

I have built up a ton of pressure in my head reaching out for new creative learning opportunities, but I have major challenges in carrying them out.   567 more words