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vs. loyal

#Me Too

I will no longer feel a sense of loyalty to my past assailants.

I will no longer make excuses for those who thought it was appropriate… 65 more words

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vs. the fraudster

Thinking about human nature and how we are all born with no biases, not good, not evil,  not anything, is there one thing that is a guarantee about all humans? 88 more words

Creative Challenges

Writing Prompt: Write About Someone Doing An Everyday Task

The prompt: write about someone doing an everyday task that reveals something fundamental about who they are.

She had started before first light, making her way to the laundry in the yard and getting the boiler started as the household slept. 283 more words


vs. a modern day taming of the shrew

They all thought they could tame her. The shrew. A vixen by many different names and interpretations, she seduced them with her effortless ability to be whatever they wanted her to be. 135 more words

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vs. fashionable

Ways to be fashionable even if your closet stinks

Like most millennials living in a city beyond my means, I’m pretty broke.  Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people who are killing it in style, however, I, and probably a vast majority, are not.  152 more words

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vs. interest

“It’s not that I don’t love you. I am just uninspired by you and everything you do. It’s just that your whole existence makes me question why I even try, why anyone tries. 346 more words

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vs. coaches

10 reasons you should say “thanks” to the coaches in your lives this week

This week in Canada is National Coaches week.  It’s a week to recognize some of the hardest working people you will ever have the opportunity to meet.   593 more words

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