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If you are an Early Childhood Educator, you probably know that all packing peanuts are not created equal.

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Learning Through Play

What happens when Teacher Cindy decides we need a holiday from bike riding?  Innovation!  Creative thinking!  Learning new skills! Prosocial behaviour!

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Learning Through Play

Doily printing!

This is a really simple but effective way of printing. It only takes 2 minutes to set up but great fun!

Need: Doilies, paint (2 or 3 different colours work well), paper, paintbrush or sponge. 32 more words

I am very proud and steadfast about my art philosophy.

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Early Learning

It has been a busy, happy week filled with preparations for Christmas.  The children are doing lots of art and the preschool is being filled with their decorative and innovative creations.

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Ordinary Moments

Being a preschool teacher is wonderful.  Each day if I pay close enough attention, I get these ordinary surprises which are absolutely delightful.  The shelf pictured above with the tree stump blocks is located where you would expect… in the block area.  

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Early Learning