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What do you do with towels, ladders, wooden sticks and some embroidery hoops?  

Imaginary play!  (and help the teacher a little while you’re at it)

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Early Learning

Creativity and Children

When it comes to innate abilities, everyone has it embedded within them. Every star today has had that talent born with them and it is how such talents are being nurtured and promoted at much earlier stage – that will determine the success of such persons. 580 more words


Making the light rail

He is the king of craft and loves painting. From as soon as he has been able to create with glue, scissors, paper, paint and whatever he can find around the house he has. 365 more words

Natural Learning

Paint Fun!

Splatter painting is huge fun!  And it isn’t just for kids.

(I just had to share with you as I absolutely love this photo.)

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Early Learning

Ten Tips for teaching Art to your child-for the non-artist parent

If you are a parent who sees artistic potential in your child or children but are at a loss as to how to help them develop their artistic skills further, then this is the article for you. 579 more words

If you are an Early Childhood Educator, you probably know that all packing peanuts are not created equal.

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Learning Through Play

What happens when Teacher Cindy decides we need a holiday from bike riding?  Innovation!  Creative thinking!  Learning new skills! Prosocial behaviour!

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Learning Through Play