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At first glance you see children with clay.  It may look like a few blobs and lumps to you but creative minds can make clay into absolutely anything.  

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Early Childhood Education

Being a preschool teacher is wonderful.  Each day if I pay close enough attention, I get these ordinary surprises which are absolutely delightful.  The shelf pictured above with the tree stump blocks is located where you would expect… in the block area.  

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Early Learning

A creative man (individual) is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.  -Ayn Rand

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Sensitive Children - I Want to hear My Own Voice !

Luca’s friend came round the other day and I talked to him and Luca about their throat and voice. Both the boys said that sometimes they didn’t want to hear what people were saying or things around them  because it seemed to interfere with what was in their own heads. 207 more words


Photography fun with Kids!

Yesterday I visited one of the coolest blogs!

BeastieBlog – Handmade monsters from the heart of Dublin city.

If you have a chance, go and check it out, it’s creative, fun and magical! 325 more words