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Writer B: A case of writer's block?

The years rolled on; Writer B typed his notes; researched the historical setting of his novel; and sometimes—not often—filled in little written patches of the whole picture. 224 more words

Creative Children

Writer B and his flashes of brilliance

Writer B was a dedicated hobby-writer. Probably he didn’t attempt a career in writing because he could make a decent living as a librarian, surrounded by books, which he loved. 133 more words

Creative Children

Help for writer A?

Like Writer A, I had many ideas, all interconnected. When I tried to write a book to express some of these ideas, I soon became mired down. 233 more words

Creative Children

Raising a Poet Who Doesn't Know It? 5 Ways to Unleash Your Child's Creativity

Have you ever watched one of those YouTube videos of a kid composing a beautiful piece of music or drawing a masterpiece that is way beyond his years? 601 more words

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Details of Writer A's Struggle

Writer A, before he even began to compose the essay I was critiquing, had already battled to to edit out the vast majority of the material that was clamoring to be expressed. 135 more words

Creative Children

Keeping with the theme Simple and affordable - Body tracing.

    Hi, firstly sorry if you have just been slightly confused (so have I!) by the last project posted and this blog. I have been having a few technical faults – I will lay all blame with the Computer doing its own thing. 219 more words

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Milk Bottle boat to make and play with.

A quick blog as my children have shared their present ‘luggie’ with me. This week’s project was a very unplanned and a impromptu one. It was very much ‘make it up as you go along’ with what we could find in the house. 215 more words

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