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Camp fires and sock puppets.

After a lot of begging over the last few months from our boys it led us to this week-end activity. Weather no longer an excuse : we created our own simple and very affordable fire pit in our garden. 124 more words

Creative Children#

Preparations for convincing my most gifted cello students to get started on their 10,000 hours

Since many gifted children don’t tolerate boredom well, how can we convince them that they should persevere through the long slog to mastery of any subject or skill? 309 more words

Gifted Children

A natural law of learning

As teachers and parents of the most highly gifted students, we often wish for an “answer manual” to guide us through the puzzles these children present us with. 277 more words

Gifted Children


It’s highly unlikely I would sail, the vehicle ferry is more my style

it’s also unlikely that nature made this mandala although she gave the ingredients, 10 more words


Sorry its been a while.

Sorry its been a while. Life has been busy and I am afraid I have been concentrating on other things happening in my life. I am afraid the website has been temporarily at the bottom of the list. 128 more words

Create, Love, Inspire All Things Crafty.

Not just arts and crafts!

Hi with the rain come back to haunt us and Scarlett fever! We have been stuck in doors! Both boys are really into science at the moment… 134 more words

Creative Children#

yeah the sun is shining at long last!

Well here we are a few days in to the school Easter holidays. What started as wet meant we have been having fun trying to chill with endless playing- car racetracks building, indoor sleepovers in a tent, marble runs, dvds, reading, the house being taken over by star troupers dress up yesterday on a mission to save the world from a superhero, colouring and junk modelling (more to come on that soon).  135 more words

Create, Love, Inspire All Things Crafty.