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Favourite animals artwork! (Process art)

Look at these beautiful animal pieces of art work!

There is quite a process to produce these picture but the children were excited about every stage. 142 more words

Have you ever noticed that children can be like magpies whose sharp eyes are constantly seeking out treasure?

Children love to show their treasured items to friends and perhaps that is how the whole idea of…

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How To Raise Successful Children

Remember how impressed we were with Helen Keller when we first read about her story? Despite all of her hardships, she grew up to become the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts… 471 more words

Family Matters

Start with water, buckets, and a few loose boards then place a pile full of fern leaves in your play area and what do you get?

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Loose Parts Theory Defined: An Elixir for the Development of Creativity

What is Loose Parts Theory? It was first proposed back in the 1970’s by architect Simon Nicholson, who believed that the loose parts in our environment…

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I know I keep saying this but I’m just so excited!  Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker, my picture book is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Parenting: Home wall Chalkboard to avoid beating kids over doodles 

Kids will be kids right? They’re wired to learn about the world through imitation, adopting, invention or exploring every surface using their senses depending on age. 380 more words