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To buy or not to buy? (Aka why Creative Cloud's subscription service hurts)

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and, after months of saving and patience, bought a MacBook Pro, the 2017 all-singing, all-dancing 15 inch model. I’m even not as annoyed at the touch bar as I thought I’d be. 505 more words


How to Make sure you're always working with the best Adobe Programs

If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber and currently use one or more of Adobe’s programs, you can easily keep each of your programs consistently up to date using their desktop app. 395 more words

Photoshop CC 2018

Resolve 14 vs. Premiere Pro CC: Pros, Cons, & First Impressions

I’ve been using Adobe Premiere since I’ve started editing, and while it’s been gaining momentum as a professional editor, I’d always been curious about Blackmagic’s… 997 more words


New Article: Lightroom CC for Designers

Shortly after publishing my book Take Control of Lightroom CC, I got to chatting with my friend and old officemate David Blatner about the new version of Lightroom. 77 more words


Adobe Lightroom gets new update

Adobe’s Android version of Lightroom has become a capable and popular app for mobile photographers. It can process RAW files, apply filters, and it syncs across devices with a Creative Cloud subscription. 251 more words


Lightroom CC 1.1 Adds Curves, Split Toning

The first update to Lightroom CC has just been released, adding a few features that should please folks. The changes mostly focus on additional ways to edit images, but there are a few other nice features that affect how you work with the application. 612 more words


The new Lightroom CC? Let's just say I'm evaluating Luminar 2018

I was excited by the promise of a new, faster, cloud optimized, and device independent Adobe Lightroom CC.  And though many decried the loss of some features, I was actually enticed by the streamlined interface.  331 more words