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Family Karaoke Logo

It is a logo design based on the Family Karaoke’s owner

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How To Animate A Website in After Effects w/ Free Project File

by The Video Course

Sometimes you’ll be faced with a situation where your client wants you to animate their website for a promo video or a software tutorial. 146 more words


I see Nodes everywhere!

Trapcode Particular has long been a staple of motion graphics design in After Effects, but with more than 10 years on its back, its age is showing. 375 more words

The Geeky

"Her, Body, 1" #fantasyillustration #characterdesign #drawing

She’s about the size of a small cat, one that would be about seven pounds, though she has no physical mass.

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"House on the Hill" #architectural #watercolor #illustration

This is an autobiographical illustration, which is why I actually signed it.

“Her, v3” #fantasyillustration #characterdesign

Initial drawing is posted here.

Drawing of body in progress. Will be rougher than the head detail.

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