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Getting Started with Adobe CC and Munki

I have been tasked by my organization to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps on our twenty plusĀ users computers who use it. We don’t utilize the teams or enterprise dashboard. 1,838 more words


Premiere Pro's Project Manager Can't Handle Double-Nests

So, I just came across another tiny bug in Premiere Pro that I couldn’t find anything about online, so I thought I’d outline it here in case someone else is searching for the same thing. 184 more words


Sassy But Classy Icon set


These icons are part of the Sassy But Classy icon set that was created for my COMM 130 class. These icons were designed in such a manner that they highlight the classic glamour of women’s products while showing off the bold unsympathetic flair that usually accompanies them. 222 more words

Reversed Photography

Here we apply the basic rules of photography and analyze the application.

Rule of Thirds

Here the famous photographer Ansel Adams demonstrates the basic rule of thirds. 208 more words


The Graphic Designer's Tool Box

Here it comes, the Graphic Designer’s Tool Box! This Infographic is my creation to show the main tools that every graphic designer should know how to use. 48 more words


Coca Cola Reversed

This ad was created by Coca Cola and was being featured on a website on the culture aspects of mass media created by Penn State University. 296 more words


Transformations - Unit 1: Pt 4

With the principles of time lapse photography outlined, it was time to put these into practice.

During the previous class session, Zig went through the Interval Timer shooting settings on each of our cameras. 626 more words