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16 Goddesses #illustration #watercolor

Here are the finished illustrations as a set! A catalog of the process is PDFd on my Google Drive here. While these were for a client, I’m thinking of moving onto an even larger set of themed Illustrations… tarot cards! 10 more words

Adobe Illustrator

Easy Typography Tutorial

Those uber┬áhipster typographic art prints that make it look like a latte is peeking out through the word “coffee” are not as difficult to create as you might think. 496 more words


I've been obsessed with #buttons for two days! #InDesign #animate

Since I’m redesigning my resume & making myself an artful, interactive PDF from InDesign, I’m going for a bunch of things at once, getting more familiar with the web aspects of Indesign and making a file that would appeal to digital design geeks. 363 more words


Very Important Licensing and New Creative Features

VIP is often used as┬áthe abbreviation for a Very Important Person. In this case, when it comes to an agreement form from Adobe, it is an acronym for Value Incentive Plan – a subscription license agreement designed for businesses of all sizes. 536 more words

License Management

So I've been playing with an Adobe app, #adobecapture

Home looks like this. I’ve been playing around with the different functions, figuring how they work with the design apps I use most often: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat. 328 more words


It's still 2015...

Well, at least according to Adobe. Thus this year’s first new Creative Cloud versions are labeled as 2015.something, which is actually pretty terrible. It’s like the company being in full… 205 more words

The Geeky

My Still-In-Progress Portfolio Site

Every artist needs a portfolio website, and Adobe makes the process of creating one easier than ever before. Not to mention it’s included with CC, which most people actually interested in this blog probably already have! 30 more words