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It's That Time of Year: Lewis Diagrams

I don’t often find myself in need of pre-made Lewis diagrams, but when I do it is usually by the time it is too late to make my own before I need to use them with my students. 197 more words


Software Licenses and the Public Domain

There are numerous licenses¬† which “free” or “open source” which grant numerous rights to the users such as the right to view and modify the source code, the right to use the software, and the right to distribute modified or unmodified versions of the software. 229 more words

Public Domain

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (free e-book)

This is an odd book, there’s no denying it, but it’s a good one if you take it on its own terms. At its simplest it’s an urban fantasy set in Toronto in the early 2000s. 364 more words


Thing 3: Image Banks

I love a good browse through images so this week’s exercise was a little like an enjoyable vacation. Off the back of my new resolution to write more, I spontaneously decided to write an abstract for a paper I’ve been thinking of doing. 646 more words


The Hereafter [Lasting But a Moment 2.0]

The stars are lowering
the day’s blue coffin
into the charred horizon.

Falling stars sting
the mourners’ black eyes,
blurring their bruised sight.

The priest, in flames, 65 more words

Creative Commons

Finding Online Music for Digital Media Projects

Finding music to use as part of your digital media projects can be tricky: you need music that is engaging for audiences, can argue or back up a point, is free for reuse and modification, and is quick to find. 232 more words

Video Project

Odisha becomes first state government in India to release its social media under a free license

The government of Odisha has become the first state entity in India to release all of its social media posts under a free Creative Commons license, allowing people from around the world to freely re-use the government’s content in projects like Wikipedia. 547 more words