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Elimination Diets and Food Testing Tool


I’ve had some chronic health issues for most of my life.  I won’t get into them.  Recently, in the past few years, they had gotten much worse, and, upon the complete failure of the medical establishment to provide any answers, I started looking into the massive impact that diet and (by association) lifestyle has on our health.   666 more words

Unsolicited Commentary

Open-Access Articles for Sale as Expensive Books on Amazon

A publisher called Applied Research Press has set up shop using Amazon.co.uk and is selling openly-licensed scholarly articles as monographs. The Creative Commons licenses apparently allow this commercial reproduction, but there are complications. 260 more words

Scholarly Open-Access Publishers

Imperative observations.

September 2015

The quotes, images, videos etc., included in these posts come courtesy of Wikipedia,   Wikiquote,  Wikimedia, Bartlett’s, About, Google, Flixxy.com. Pixabay. Ted’s talk, Internet Archive.  11,107 more words


Copyright suit Art Dragulis v. Kappa Map Group illustrates why one should be careful with CC licenses

As reported on techdirt.com, photographer Art Dragulis lost a lawsuit against an enterprise that used one of his pictures for commercial purposes without prior permission. 219 more words


[PDF] Memorando de Entendimento: Bloqueio de Sites em Portugal #PL118

Em Julho passado, a comunicação social fez saber que o Secretário de Estado da Cultura tinha promovido negociações entre a Inspecção Geral das Actividades Culturais (IGAC), Sociedades de Gestão Colectiva (SGC), representantes de titulares de direitos, Operadores de Telecomunicações (ISPs), entre outras entidades, das quais resultou um memorando de entendimento, em que as SGC enviariam à IGAC uma lista de sites, que a IGAC por sua vez remeteria aos ISPs para que estes bloqueassem os referidos sites. 471 more words


Day 2 Munich Artists 30 Day challenge - Photo and Illustration Inspiration

Day 2.  Can you see them? All nestled together in a pair of protective hands. The image above inspired me to illustrate this idea of trust and protection and I will be working on this after I finish working my day job.    411 more words

Munich Artists

Are Teachers Taught About Creative Commons?

Earlier this week, I worked with my fellow OSAPAC member (and chair) Mark Carbone to share some thinking around Creative Commons Licensing with educators at #CATC15 The title of this post, “Are Teachers Taught About Creative Commons”, was one of the questions from the group of educators we were learning with. 10 more words