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A vivid paper cup humidifier

Inspired by everyday objects, volcano, the designer Kim Dae Young produced a creative and vivid paper cup humidifier.

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Creative Designs

Pawcet outdoor hydration station

With the touch of a paw, any pup can easily drink fresh drinking water via Pawcet.

Pawcet is an easy-to-use outdoor hydration station that can be connected with any standard 5/8″ garden hose, easy to assemble and adjust. 10 more words

Creative Designs

Stem citrus spritzer

Without cutting and skinning, Stem’s serrated teeth can be easily inserted into all types of citrus fruit, and allows users to spray juice directly from citrus fruit with the press of a finger. 27 more words

Creative Designs

A coolest sporty planter

The major elements of this planter are cement and nylon, it looks sporty and shows us the natural beauty based on its unique shape and palate. 33 more words

Creative Designs

Wrapster earbud cords organizer

In general, we often spend some time detangling earbud cords. But now, we will have a great tool to solve this trouble.

Wrapster is a unique design of headphone cord organizer that allows users easily wrap earbud cords around its central bar by a more convenient, less bulky way. 10 more words

Creative Designs

Io – half-slice shaped wall light

By a clever combination of lines and curves, this stylish wall light brings us a floating visual illusion.

Io looks fantastic, besides, users can easily customize its vertical positions based on the 3D shape illuminates to get highlight or shadow area they like. 10 more words

Creative Designs

Hydaway collapsible water bottle

Hydaway is a collapsible and reusable water bottle that is designed by Niki Singlaub, and appeal to travelers as well.

This water container allows users to collapse it and put it in their pocket, which can store up to 600 ml in its food-grade silicone, and collapses to just over 3.2 cm in height when not in use. 10 more words

Creative Designs