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Darwinism in Design Related Businesses

I always thought the housing bubble burst started in 2008 would wipe out the companies that had bad reputation. However, what I saw was that many good companies were gone but bad ones still remain. 97 more words

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Italian Beauty Pin Up Fashion Model Debbie Abazia

Throwback Thursday

Italian Beauty Pin Up Fashion Model Debbie Abazia

Photography, Creative Designs & MUAH By: Rio Designs

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02.23.15 Creative Designs

Cocoon 1 – Enjoy solitude while being surrounded by the world around you in this easy to customize bubble. Perfect for reading in the rain! … 258 more words

Creative Designs

02.16.15 Creative Designs

Scape Vases – Made of caesarstone, these vases imitate landscapes and topography from the natural world. http://www.designboom.com/design/itay-laniado-shira-keret-scape-vases-caesarstone-02-13-2015/

Trunk – Dry your cutlery with ease by adding this cubical elephant to any kitchen. 204 more words

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Belle Dome

My friend is a huge Belle fan, from Beauty and the Beast; as her birthday was coming up I had to think of something really quick to make her. 267 more words

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02.09.15 Creative Designs

Doggie Fountain – Never fill your dog’s water dish again with this paw-powered fountain that lets your dog get freshwater whenever they wish. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I1MCGM/?tag=buzz0f-20

Armstrong Light Trap – Uncork the light in this cratered sphere. 217 more words

Creative Designs

02.02.15 Creative Designs

Pop Out Outlet – Finish off a minimalist design to any with these innovative electric outlets. http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/pop-out-outlet

Shake Washer – This mini, hand-powered washer and dryer is perfect for doing laundry on the road. 252 more words

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