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Loud Elephant

Loud elephant

“Loud Elephant was started as LOUD in 1988, with its mantra ‘dressing the world in colour’. At first LOUD designed, sourced and manufactured interesting clothes and fabrics in Indonesia, India and Nepal retailing through its own shops in the UK, Australia and Bali. 21 more words

Creative Digital Media

project proposal - 'perception versus reality'

after choosing our groups for our project on ‘Questioning the Everyday’, I was very interested to hear the idea that my group had come up with and agreed on. 304 more words

questioning the everyday - practice

Initially I thought I could question the mundane tyranny of an everyday routine through the portrayal of a time-lapse. This would exhibit regime as a ‘middle-man’, something people see superfluous in their day-to-day lives. 47 more words

Evaluation of my Initial Idea

I have now completed the Pre-Production stage of my project and have decided to evaluate my ideas so far. This evaluation highlights the strengths and the weakness’s of my plan and describes how I can improve certain parts to ensure that this project is carried out to the best of my ability. 231 more words

Creative Digital Media

Creating a simple toggle menu using jQuery and CSS

Why bother?

One of the main features of my website is the toggle menu. I decided to add this after carrying out research into my target market. 807 more words

Digital Communication

Colour Theory

Using colour swatches to convey meaning

One of the topics that we looked at today whilst at college was colour palettes and potential colour swatches for our site. 457 more words

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