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Evaluation of my Initial Idea

I have now completed the Pre-Production stage of my project and have decided to evaluate my ideas so far. This evaluation highlights the strengths and the weakness’s of my plan and describes how I can improve certain parts to ensure that this project is carried out to the best of my ability. 231 more words

Creative Digital Media

Creating a simple toggle menu using jQuery and CSS

One of the main features of my website is the toggle menu. I decided to add this after carrying out research into my target market. My website will be aimed at getting young professionals into fitness and personal training. 283 more words

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Colour Theory

Using colour swatches to convey meaning

One of the topics that we looked at today whilst at college was colour palettes and potential colour swatches for our site. 457 more words

Interactive Media Design

Induction: Day one of week two: Morning commute.

Today is the first day we start learning about the creative digital media side of the apprenticeship, including learning how to blog. It is also the first day I chose to cycle to the train station. 473 more words


This is a video I made in order to complete one of my Units. The topic of the video is anything to do with our apprenticeship. 9 more words

Future For Ocean Warriors?

I started this project because I felt it was one that could continue to grow even after college was finished but there have been times I have wondered whether it really will continue. 111 more words

Creative Digital Media

Ocean Warriors First Newsletter!

Today I released Ocean Warriors first newsletter which I designed and sent out using MailChimp. I had used it before for my dad’s exhibition invitations so it seemed like the logical choice. 14 more words

Creative Digital Media