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Creative Director Talk: Failure

So today, we have to deal with failure. A plan that I had to finish alot of films and do different things, but I made some moves that didn’t win and it caused some things to be put on the backburner. 78 more words

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Creative Director Talk: Digital Magazine Publsihing

So I finally found a website that allows you to upload a magazine and then place it on newsstand, well 2 and for now well talk about them. 144 more words

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Creative Director Talk: Use Of Space

This is a great video on the efficient use of space. Many times on projects we think we need more space than we really need. So this video reminds us that many things can be done in small spaces. Enjoy.

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DKNY looking for new talents... #fashion

Well lovers, these are big news, because I heard that DKNY is looking for young talents to take over the brand… Since the beginning Donna Karan has been saying “thank you” after both shows, DKNY and Donna Karan New York, even when we all know that DKNY has been designed by Executive Vice President of Design Jane Chung. 482 more words


Girl X World

It’s so easy to lose yourself these days. An innocent attempt to belong turns into the subtle process that dismantles that tapestry of who you are. 145 more words


Creative Director Talk: Belief

As venture into new areas and places where we know but don’t know we get sidetracked and forget what got us there. Well it is the belief that got you there or where you are and it’s belief that will take you where you want to go. 33 more words


Creative Director Talk: Lighting

Here’s a link to a great article about lighting and how lighting effects how we feel and think and even interact within a space. So read it up and enjoy and make it a great day. 9 more words

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